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Pretty Little Liars

Spoiler: Will Aria and Ezra Get Caught in the Act on Pretty Little Liars?

Ezra and Aria have made it this far without getting in trouble, but can they hide their relationship much longer? Unfortunately not, according to Pretty Little Liars Executive Producer Marlene King.

A fan tweeted at King asking if there will be any Ezra next episode. She replied, “@lexii143PLL @TeamHardingHale Ezra is not in the episode but Ella intercepts a text that Aria sent him and it gets very scary.” Uh oh…

If history is any indication, Ella catching a glimpse of Ezria's relationship is not going to go well. Noel freaked out when he spotted Aria and Ezra kissing, Aria’s best friends judged her for weeks, and Mike Montgomery was horrified about the rumor that Ezra was dating a student. Judging by these reactions to Aria’s illegal relationship, Ella won’t take it too well either.

We’re not sure if Ella will confront Aria right away, but this isn't the type of thing she can simply forget.

How do you think Ella will handle this shocking news? Share your thoughts/predictions in the comments!

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