Castle Creator Andrew Marlowe Responds to “Countdown” Controversy
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Castle Creator Andrew Marlowe Responds to “Countdown” Controversy

We told you people were getting a little riled up about Monday’s episode of Castle, calling it “anti-Christian” and “pro-Muslim.” We also told you we failed to see any ill will in Castle’s writing, and apparently, so did a few others. In this review of the episode by The American Culture blog, the writer points out several reasons why the episode was, indeed, innocent. And fun. And entertaining. Basically, just plain good.

Castle creator Andrew Marlowe also stumbled upon the review in defense of Monday’s episode, and decided to weigh in (and thank the writer) in the comments. And we must say, his response is as classy as his show.

Check out Andrew’s entire response below:

"I appreciate your even handed review. As the creator of the series and writer of this episode, my intent was to show patriotism in its many different forms, both good and challenging. Having come from a family with a strong military background, I have my own level of disgust at the way in which our fighting men and women are treated for their heroic service by the politicians, both left and right. I’ve seen families shattered because of endless multiple tours, I’ve seen troops be put into harms way for political expedience, again both from right and left, as opposed to giving them the support and resources to claim victory. I wanted to give that voice in this episode, albeit voiced by someone who is misguided.

"I also wanted to delve into the psyche of people who protect us for a living, and the personal sacrifices they have to make. And having lost a friend on 9/11 I wanted the voice that 10 years later, the wounds can still feel fresh.

"The challenge of any piece like this, since it relies on the objective tension of the tried and true nature of a ticking clock, is that it has been done so many times before that it’s exceedingly hard to make it fresh. Arab terrorists are cliche, Muslim terrorists are cliche, Chechen terrorists are cliche, Military terrorists are cliche. The only thing we can hope for is to surround those cliche with interesting questions that challenge our assumption on all fronts. The issues we face in today’s world are complicated, and the more questions we ask, the better we will understand ourselves and our enemies. (Luke 6:27-28)

"As for the comment about the plot being fanciful, well, that’s what our show is all about."

Source: The American Culture

03.4.2011 / 02:54 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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