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America's Next Top Model

Cycle 16’s Nicole Lucas: Thank God Top Model Is Over

Nicole Lucas of America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 received some of the worst critiques we've heard in a while on this show. Yes, she was called old, much like many Top Models before her (hellooo, Melrose!), but she also had the rare privilege of having famed photog Nigel Barker describe her mouth as resembling a cat's behind. Not exactly the way you want your 15 minutes of fame to go. But Nicole took it all in stride and didn't even curse at the camera when she got sent home! We chatted with her about pursuing a career in neuro-psychology (yeah! really!) and why Alexandria is crazier than we think...

How do you feel after watching last night's episode?
I'm so relieved that the show is over. I don't have to worry about watching myself anymore! I met amazing people through the experience, even though they said I looked older, which I still don't understand. I still respect everything Tyra Banks has to say.

Have you ever thought of yourself as looking older?
The funny thing is I've modeled since I was 15 and I recently took a modeling trip to Singapore for 3 months and I worked nearly every day and never got that comment. I also have a portfolio full of pictures that clients say I still look like a teenager in, so I'm not really sure where that comment came from. I don't usually look like that in pictures.

They never mentioned on the show that you had modeling experience.
Right! You didn't really find out anything about me, which I thought was interesting. I actually modeled with a bunch of IMG girls.

Is there anything you'd like to say to the judges now?
I don't really appreciate Nigel's comment that my mouth looks like a cat's ass. It made me laugh. But Nigel's a great guy. he said great things to me that didn't make the cut.

What really happened with the whole chicken fiasco?
I don't even know whose chicken that was. I don't think it was Alexandria's.

What? But she claimed the chicken on the show!
I saw on her Facebook last night that it wasn't. I thought it was really disgusting that it was just raw chicken sitting uncovered. It didn't have that tinfoil on there. I don't know where that came from.

What did she write on Facebook?
She said, "here's a hint, it wasn't my chicken," because I guess people were giving her a hard time for acting so rude about it. The whole thing is ridiculous.

Last cycle there wasn't too much drama in the house, do you think this cycle will be more dramatic?
I think there will be. I think a lot of girls have a problem with Alexandria and she does cause a lot of controversy.

What were your impressions of Tyra?
I thought that she was even more beautiful in person, which I didn't think was possible. I wish that we got to talk to her off-camera but talking to her on-camera she was really cool and I thought that she was really funny.

Tyra's advice was to try to soften your face. How does one do that?
[giggles] I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to soften the bones in my face, but I don't really consider it an issue with my modeling.

Were you surprised about Monique's comments about Ondrei?
Yes! Monique is so blunt about everything and she makes me laugh a lot, but she was not sensitive at all with Ondrei and I think it's terrible what happened to her [family] and I think she should have been more accepting and understanding about her situation and not just saying that we don't want you here taking up our spot.

Who do you think will make it to the top three?
I would really love Molly, Brittani and Mikaela to win. I think they have really high fashion looks.

Who do you think is going to go far that doesn't deserve to?
I hate saying this because I hate talking bad about people, but I think probably Alexandria because she's dramatic.

What are you up to now?
I'm finishing up my sophomore year at the University of Central Florida and I eventually want to get my Ph.D in neuro-psychology. I just have to finish up this semester and then maybe I'll get back to modeling. I haven't really figured out what my plans are yet.

03.4.2011 / 03:11 AM EDT by Kim Kaufman
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