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The Bachelor

Ex-Girlfriend: Brad Womack Went on The Bachelor First to Make Me Jealous, Then for the Money

Laurel Kagay is determined to rain on Brad Womack's parade.

The Bachelor's ex-girlfriend continues to insist that Brad proposed to her many times — including one proposal in front of her mother, right before he accepted his redux gig on The Bachelor Season 15. Now Laurel spilled to RumorFix that Brad decided to do the show not for love, but because he would be getting "a lot of money."

Laurel claimed Brad went on The Bachelor the first time "to make me jealous," and when he came back empty-handed, told her that "he didn't pick anyone because of me."

She told RumorFix that after Brad’s final proposal before going on The Bachelor, she committed to working on their relationship. "I gave in again and said, 'Okay, let's do this. Let's work toward getting married and having a life together.'" She said she then got a text saying 'Will you marry me?" But the next day, "I got another text saying, 'The producers of the [The Bachelor] called and they want me to do the show, and it's gonna be for a lot of money."

She didn't think he would accept the gig, but at this point Brad shut her out and blocked her number from his phone.

That's odd, because in her Us Weekly story from almost a month ago, Laurel said she was getting emails from Brad during production. So even if he blocked her phone number, he was apparently still contacting her. That's her side of it, anyway.

Laurel also opened up to E! News about her relationship with Brad: "When you first meet Brad, anybody falls in love with him because he is the sweetest guy," Laurel told E! News. "If you really know him, that's not how he stays. He's the type of guy who will go to therapy for a few weeks and think everything is fixed and he's changed and he's wonderful — and then it just goes back."

Laurel revealed that she and Brad broke up "hundreds of times" over the eight years they were together. She claimed she's not bitter, although it's hard to understand why she'd be coming out with this now if she weren't bitter.

"I want him to know I want him to be happy," she told E!. Talking about her past "felt like, for me, it was a way to finally be done with it and say how I feel, just get it off my chest. And I guess this has to be our closure."

Can this please be closure? We’re tired of hearing about it!

03.4.2011 / 12:08 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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