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The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev Says She’d Love to Play a Third Character!

Many of us wonder: Katherine or Elena? Okay, so we can guess who the Salvatore brothers would pick if they had to (Elena, hands down), but for Nina Dobrev, who plays both the high school sweetheart and the vampire vixen, there’s no choosing between the two. Nina tells Fancast she approaches every day on set, whether she’s playing provocative Katherine or loyal Elena, with the same passion. But she admits there are a few little nuances that help her get in the right mood for whichever brunette beauty she’s portraying that day. Yep — we’re talking hair, makeup, and, admittedly, those hot little outfits Katherine wears.

“The clothes, accessories, hair, and all those seemingly superficial details really help me transition and embrace whichever role I’m playing,” she explains. “For example, if I’m rocking a pair of Converse I can sink into Elena, but if I’m wearing some edgy boots, I naturally begin not only walking but I also feel like Katherine.”

But it’s not just their styles that are radically different, Nina’s character’s personalities couldn’t be more at odds. “I think the motivation behind both characters is very different. For Elena it’s the people she cares about. She would do anything for her friends and family,” Nina says. “For Katherine, it’s self-preservation. Really, she’s just looking out for herself and only herself.” Um, yeah. We’d say so!

While we think she’s doing a great job playing the two Petrova doppelgangers — and we definitely don’t want to ruin a good thing — Nina also said she’d be down to play a third character (the original Petrova, natch) if the chance presented itself. “Playing a third character would be wild! I feel up to just about anything now though,” she says.

Uh oh! Did you catch that, TVD producers? We have a feeling Nina might live to regret that statement...

Source: Fancast

03.4.2011 / 03:46 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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