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Trapped! Top 3 Castle-Beckett Moments From Season 3, Episode 17: “Countdown”

Aside from taking another walk around their infinity circle of unrequited love, Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle (Nathan Fillion) found themselves in more than one awkward/dangerous situation this week. They handled them masterfully. Check out three such moments, and what we can learn from them.

3. Trapped in a Freezer

- Use all of your weight to loosen the steel door. This won’t work. Obviously.
- Take a sarcasm break. Castle: "How cold do you think it is in here?" Beckett: "Um, judging by the way that it feels, I’d say well below freezing."
- Shoot the steel door with a gun, endangering yourself and your companion.
- Give up. Cuddle and whisper sweet nothings before the hypothermia sets in.

2. Avoiding Talking About the Time You Were Trapped in the Freezer

- Hold your empty, label-less coffee cups and sit uncomfortably at a desk. Make a joke about warmth.
- Start to say something, then stop. This isn't the freezer anymore, and you know it.
- Discuss how someone from the Department of Homeland Security could possibly live with the weight of such big secrets on his shoulders. Allow the irony to be lost on you.

1. Trying to Intercept a Van in NYC

- Assume that because the driver of the van was married to a cabbie, she knows the fastest way to get anywhere in the city.
- Get into a spat about driving that foreshadows future couple’s arguments.
- Arrive at the van, find a bomb.
- Take a pict... Run. Just run.

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