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Grey's Anatomy

5 Reasons Why Lucy Is a Good Fling for Alex Karev

Recently on Grey's Anatomy, Alex (Justin Chambers) has gotten pretty sweet on hot gyno Lucy, despite their working relationship getting off to a rocky start. And she's thrown some sparks his way, too. We're not opposed to this turn of events — in fact, we're digging it. We think she's just what he need right now, and here's why.

5. She cuts him down
Alex can be a jerkface at times. He can also get a pretty big ego, with near-Sloan-like levels of cockiness. So he regularly needs to be taken down a few notches. And, as we've seen, there's no one better at that than Lucy. When she's mad, she's impervious to his charms and eager to call him out. Bad boys don't get every girl.

4. She can be one of the guys
Alex was wowed when Lucy could talk sports like the best of 'em. She might have even known more about college basketball than he did. Even though she was just joking about inviting herself to the game, she probably deserved the tickets!

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3. She brings out the best in him
What better motivation to be well-behaved is there than the scrutiny of a romantic interest? Lucy chastised Alex when he was insensitive about babies who never make it out of the NICU and then drove the point home with her monologue about the pains of childbirth. And later, he did the noble thing and helped a kid with a broken femur, and she saw him in a whole new light. We can't say definitively that he did it with the intention of impressing Lucy, but knowing Alex, we're inclined to say he was.

2. She's better than that other blonde
Remember that one? The one who started out being an awesome character and whose romance with Alex we all loved? But then she got sick and flighty and then got better but was still flighty? And then the actress who played her left the show before her character could reunite with (or at least achieve closure with) Alex? Yeah, Lucy is nothing like her.

1. She won't last long
Let's face it: Alex doesn't need love right now. He tried with Izzie; he tried with Rebecca/Ava; he tried with Izzie again; he tried with Lexie. It ain't working out for him. He needs a brief fling with a cool chick for the fun and levity of it all. And that's good because Rachael Taylor was cast in ABC's much-hyped Charlie's Angels pilot, which is almost sure to make it to air. So realistically, she can only be around until the end of the season, by which point Alex might be ready to find the next love of his life.


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03.5.2011 / 12:14 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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