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James Newman and Penn Badgley: Separated at Birth?

We were just rewatching "Michelle" when we realized that series lead James Newman (Tony) totally reminded us of someone. Who was it? It was right on the tip of our tongue, driving us completely insane, so we did what we usually do when we need to think — we turned on Gossip Girl. And that's when the answer came to us like it had been whispered by God himself — James Newman looks just like Dan Humphrey a.k.a. Penn Badgley!

Seriously, they could be twins. From their wavy hair to their sharp cheekbones and lips turned up in a permasmirk, James and Penn have cornered the heartthrob market on "hot but still smart-looking." They're also built like brothers, wirey but nicely defined and not super tall — neither one towers over their female costars.

Their physical resemblance got us thinking — maybe the similarities are more than Skins deep. (get it? Skins deep? Tip the bartender!). We all know that James Newman is a boxer, but did you know that Penn Badgley was recently spotted boxing at Archive's Crunch Gym in New York? And James showed off his singing chops during Tony's choral audition, but Penn has some vocal ability of his own — he plays guitar and recorded a pop single in 1998. The more we think about it, the more we're a little weirded out. Has anyone ever seen James Newman and Penn Badgley in the same room? What if they're not twins but are actually the same actor who just can't get enough teen drama?! Dun dun dun.

03.5.2011 / 04:45 AM EDT by Brea Tremblay
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