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The Results Are In! Who’s Your Fave Skins US Guy and Girl?

Last week we asked you to vote for your fave guy and fave girl from Skins US. Well, the votes are in, and we gotta say: We were a little surprised by what we found — especially for the girls!

But let’s give the guys first shot this time, just to keep the suspense alive. We may have tipped off our own fave Skins guy before asking your opinion last week. And it turns out you totally agreed with us by choosing Stanley with 371 votes. Ha, who knew being floppy-haired and pathetic was so loveable? Apparently a lot of you!

The more conventional choice for most well-liked, Chris, came in second with 230 votes. Sorry, Monkeyman… better luck next time. Understandably, Tony came in third with only 45 votes, while Abbud scored a platry 18 votes. We’re on board for Tony — so mean! — but Abbud? We think it’s sad there was so little love for someone so willing to climb the courage pole!

As for the girls… hmmm, should we even tell you? Are you sure you really want to know? Alright, your fave Skins US girl is Cadie with 461 votes! We know, right? We thought Tea was a lock for your fave, but she came in second with 338 votes. Michelle just barely got third with 111 votes. Daisy came in fourth with 103, and Eura scored last with only 76. Aww, poor Eura! But we guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles, especially when the cookie is soaked in alcohol and substitutes ‘ludes for chocolate chips…

03.5.2011 / 05:17 AM EDT by David Connell
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