5 Most Embarrassing Moments on Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars

5 Most Embarrassing Moments on Pretty Little Liars

The little liars have tough skin, considering they were best friends with Alison, but even they get embarrassed sometimes. And when they do have awkward moments, they're really bad. The PLLs aren’t clumsy or anything, but they've definitely been red in the face before.

5. Noel messes with Ezra
Noel humiliated Ezra in front of his students by mentioning that Aria likes older guys. Ezra silenced Noel quickly, but he got uncomfortable and was afraid Noel would share his secret.

4. Hanna and Lucas’ encounter at V-Club
Before Hanna became a sweet it-girl, she had a serious mean streak. Unfortunately, Lucas was the victim of this at V-Club when Hanna got vicious. She said he doesn’t have to worry about losing his virginity since no one would want him anyways. Poor Lucas!

3. Rumor alert: Hanna got liposuction?
Hanna worked hard to get in shape, so she was mortified when Mona spread a rumor that she got lipo. Even worse was when random people came up to her and cracked jokes. Some best friend Mona is...

2. The Ezra slip
Aria was excited to be Ezra’s stage manager until she called him Ezra instead of Mr. Fitz in front of everyone! Her peers noticed and looked at her oddly, but even worse was how uneasy Ezra got.

1. Hanna stuffing her face with cupcakes
Being forced to pig out on pig cupcakes in front of a group of hot guys was humiliating enough for Hanna, but besides being laughed and oinked at, it brought back painful memories of Hefty Hanna. Luckily, Aria came to her rescue and "A"'s cash reward in the bathroom made the experience worthwhile.


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