Kenny Baumann: Playing “Awkward Virgin” Ben Boykewich Didn’t Require Research
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Family Channel (c) 2011 Disney ABC Television Group    
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Kenny Baumann: Playing “Awkward Virgin” Ben Boykewich Didn’t Require Research

Are you dying to see a pic of Kenny Baumann (Ben Boykewich) riding around on a miniature horse? Check out his interview in L.A Teen Festival Magazine and get the deets about his life growing up on a horse ranch! Plus, feast your eyes on some adorbz photos of Secret Life’s nerdiest star looking H.O.T. Bonus!

Here are some highlights from Kenny’s interview:

Where do you see yourself in 10 Years? Where do you want your career to go from here?

"Oh, boy. The 10-year question is always tough. Tomorrow’s calender is looking pretty open. I look forward to more opportunities, more difficulties. Probably a safe bet to say I’ll still be writing, still be publishing books, still be performing. I’ll welcome the continuation of all this crazy luck."

Um, what’s Kenny trying to imply here? That Secret Life won’t be on in 10 years? We’re freaking out!

Did you do research for the role?

"I didn’t! All I had to do to play an awkward virgin was relive a few years ago."

OK, now we're interested!

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