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The Bachelorette

Watch Now! Ali Fedotowsky Gives Wedding Update

On May 8, Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez will have been engaged for a year. Can you believe it? Although it feels like no time to us, it’s a different story for the Season 6 Bachelorette: Ali says she’s ready for the wedding to just happen already.

In a recent video interview with Access Hollywood (see below), Ali revealed that she’s planning to announce their wedding date on the day of their anniversary. But she retracted this statement almost immediately, saying she might announce a time frame, not an exact date. She and Roberto don't want paparazzi at the event.

"Trista and Ryan and then Molly and Jason had helicopters at their wedding and both of them said, ‘I wished we'd got married inside’ because of it,” Ali said. “But I've always wanted an outside wedding, so it's hard to figure out. It's like a weird predicament to be in."

Ali doesn’t just want to get married outside — she wants to do it somewhere where they speak English. "No, I'm serious! I know this sounds funny. But Roberto and I were considering Puerto Rico, but I've been visiting Roberto's family a lot recently — it's really hard to communicate with people when they don't speak the same language as you." No "destination wedding" for them!

It's not that they don't want a TV wedding, because that’s something that would be somewhat controlled; she's more concerned about having a noisy helicopter over her ceremony that would prevent her from hearing Roberto say his vows. We don’t blame her. His proposal was so sweet, we’d want to soak up every word on the Big Day.