3 Big Reasons Why We Love Deena Cortese From Jersey Shore
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Jersey Shore

3 Big Reasons Why We Love Deena Cortese From Jersey Shore

According to the Chinese calendar, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. But really, we're loving Jersey Shore's newest addition so darn much, we're starting to think that 2011 should be remembered as the Year of the Deena. And what's not to love? — she's fabulously bold and brassy, and such a drunkenly amazing blast in a glass that we're starting to catch ourselves saying "Angelina who?" Here's why we adore her:

Reason 1: She's the Meat to Snooki's Balls
Think of Snooki as the a beloved family dog: She's small, cuddly, and adorable to watch (and, truth be told, you wouldn't want her to lick your face, for fear of where her mouth has been). And even though a lovable pooch like Snooki provides hours and hours of entertainment, one singular thought remains: she'd be so much cuter with a little friend to play with. Enter Deena! From cab-ride kidnappings, to late-night Jersey Turnpiking; from marshmallow wallpaper, to general harebrained hilarity, we can't think of a more memorable pairing than these two ridiculously captivating meatballs.

Reason 2: She's the Anti-Angelina
The foibles and follies of Jersey Shore's runaway roommate, Angelina, always made for great television; but in retrospect, the dirtiest little hamster only really held our interest because of her shockingly unlikable personality. A strange and caustic cocktail of unfounded arrogance, boundless anger, and barnyard stupidity, Angelina was equally loathed by her housemates, and by the greater world at large. Thankfully, our new girl is quite the opposite. Agreeable, bubbly, and happy to go with the flow, Deena is a welcomed remedy for the sour taste that Angelina left in our mouth.

Reason 3: She Reminds Us of a Simpler Time
Immediately after the original pilot episode premiered, The Situation, Snooki, and the rest of the crew were catapulted from Tri-State obscurity into overnight stardom. Vitamin water, vodka, pistachios (we're still scratching our heads about that one): they've plastered their names on practically everything — and, in the process, lost some of the charming innocence that made Season 1 so damn addictive. When Snooki was arrested for bomb-ass drunkness earlier this season, throngs of onlookers watched in amusement as the pint-sized meatball was hauled off to jail — and not because a haggard little booze-hound was passed out on the beach, but because that haggard little booze-hound was a bona fide celebrity. Don't get us wrong! — we still heart our weekly dose of guido goodness; but there's definitely an air of self awareness that was missing from the first two season. Deena, on the other hand, brings the kind of wide-eyed, rough-around-the-edges flair — that unbranded, unscripted attitude — that made us fall in love with Seaside Heights in the first place. And really, it's that little glimmer of old-school Jersey Shore that has elevated Season 3 from guilty pleasure, to must-watch TV.


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