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The Bachelor

5 Hints That Brad Womack Picks Chantal O’Brien

Spoilers or no spoilers, we won’t really know what will happen on The Bachelor Season 15 finale until March 14, when Brad Womack has promised us a happy ending — even if it’s with Chris Harrison. (Why can’t the two Texans continue their bromance off-screen?)

But in case Brad goes with one of his final two, here are five reasons why we think he may propose to Chantal O’Brien:

1. They have an easy, playful connection — most of the time. When Chantal isn’t sobbing hysterically, she and Brad act like a real couple. She teases him, and he tells her to shut up and kiss him. He loves her boldness and spontaneity. They have a real, natural chemistry.

2. The physical thing. Brad has made it clear that physical (sexual) chemistry is important to him, and from their very first one-on-one conversations, Brad and Chantal have shown they have that spark — way more than we’ve seen from Brad and Emily.

3. Brad said he’s looking for a friend, for someone he can be himself around. He can’t seem to be himself around Emily — he can’t even get a sentence out without awkward stammering — but he can be his playful, don’t-take-it-so-seriously self around Chantal (when she’s not crying, at least). Brad even told her in Episode 9 that he’s definitely the most comfortable around her.

4. Opposites attract. Brad and Emily are very much alike, but Brad needs a strong woman to give him heck every now and again. That’s definitely Chantal, and you can tell Brad likes when she challenges him (as long as she’s not crying at the same time).

5. He’s in love with Chantal’s father family and sees a lot of connections to his own life. Like Brad, Chantal has daddy issues, and that shared perspective has helped them bond.

03.8.2011 / 08:59 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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