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The Bachelor

5 Hints That Brad Womack Picks Emily Maynard

Spoilers or no spoilers, we won’t really know what will happen on The Bachelor Season 15 finale until March 14, when Brad Womack has promised us a happy ending — even if it’s with Chris Harrison. (Why can’t the two Texans continue their bromance off-screen?)

But in case Brad goes with one of his final two, here are five reasons why we think he may propose to Emily Maynard:

1. He just told her he’s falling in love with her! Emily’s been very slow to open up, so when she finally admitted to Brad that she was falling in love with him, he decided to tell her the same. His heartfelt speech to Emily in South Africa is more romantic than anything he’s done for any other woman this season.

2. Brad said in his pre-season conference call that he’s looking for “[s]omeone who is genuinely sweet and [...] someone that makes me want to be a better person. And I know that's so vague. Trust me, I want to tell you so much more! But just genuinely sweet and very much a friend, and I found that.” In Episode 9, Brad said Emily is the kind of sweet person he wants to spend his life with. He said she makes him a better person. That jibes with what he said he wanted — and found.

3. Brad acts like a lovestruck dork around Emily. He’s clearly smitten. In a mid-season interview, Brad compared himself to “a high school sophomore” who calls his chosen lady 20 times a day.

4. Around the 30-second mark of this Entertainment Tonight tour of Brad's apartment — taped in January — you can see a child's drawing on Brad's fridge. After Episode 8, fans recognized it as the drawing Ricki made for Brad on Emily's hometown date. It’s just one little clue that Ricki and Emily are a major part of his life. Another clue? Emily’s home in Charlotte, North Carolina, is rumored to be on the market. Is she preparing to move to Austin?

5. Would Brad really string Emily along without picking her? He knows she’s been heartbroken and has taken a long time to move on. Plus, she let him meet Ricki, which was a huge leap of faith for her. As hard as it would be for Brad to dump Chantal, it would be even more cruel for Brad to dump the package deal of Emily + Ricki.

03.8.2011 / 09:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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