5 Things We Miss About the Grey’s Anatomy Glory Days
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Grey's Anatomy

5 Things We Miss About the Grey’s Anatomy Glory Days

Can you believe that you've (probably) been watching Grey's for the last six-plus years of your life? Think back to where you were in January 2005. Scary, right? We've seen close to seven seasons of Grey's filled with highs and lows, but sometimes, we feel awfully nostalgic about the first few seasons. So what exactly do we get misty-eyed about?

5. Ellis Grey
Did she really have to kick the bucket? Yes, we suppose she did. But we still think fondly of all the scenes she shared with Meredith. We saw such poignant, desperate moments as Mer tried to connect with a woman who knows nothing of the present — and the occasional moments of lucidity, which always led to shocking revelations. At least her legacy lives on through her work, so we're not totally bereft.

4. Pre-drama actors
We loved Burke before we found out that Isaiah Washington is a bit of a homophobe. We loved Izzie before we found out that Katherine Heigl is kind of a diva. Can't we go back to the early days when they were still modest actors happy to be employed on a hit new series?

3. George O'Malley
Having said all of the above, the one character we weren't ready to see go was George O'Malley, played by T.R. Knight. We miss his awkwardness, his sulkiness, his dry sarcasm, even his extramarital affairs. Any character who could have all of that and still remain so absurdly likable surely deserves a place on this list.

2. Mer/Der proclamations of love
One would think that Meredith and Derek being together for good is a good thing, right? It definitely is. And Shonda and her team of writers have given us great post-marital-bliss drama. But we still miss the days of Mer and Der fighting for one another and all those long, rambling speeches that always came back to the same "pick me, choose me, love me" theme.

1. Addison Forbes Montgomery (Sheperd)
Yes, she has her own show now, which usually matches and sometimes surpasses Grey's in quality. And yes, she finds herself in Seattle at least once every season. But still. We want to clone Addison, so she can roam the halls of Oceanside Wellness and Seattle Grace Mercy West — passing judgment on fellow doctors, making horrible decisions in her love life, and saving the lives of many a baby.


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