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The Kardashians

“Do You Think There’s Enough Room In Bed For My Stick Tonight?” and More Quotes from Kourtney & Kim Take New York Season 1, Episode 6

In this week’s episode, Scott buys a new fashion accessory for fall: a cane. The dialogue surrounding his new purchase is so priceless that we’re devoting this entire feature to quotes about the walking stick. We were hard pressed to pick just 10. But we did it — and here they are — the best, most juicy lines from Episode 6!

10. Stating the obvious.

Scott: I can’t wait to unleash my fall trend to the world: the walking stick.

9. She’s a poet and she didn’t even know it!

Kourtney: Scott’s cane is driving me insane.

8. Smooth.

Scott (to Kourt): You should know that you’re my best accessory.

7. Very astute.

Paul Stuart Salesman (to Scott): Perfect accessory for the man who needs nothing.

6. Don’t flatter yourself!

Scott: I got construction workers from Brooklyn trying to look like me — there’s something going on here, people.

5. Priorities, priorities!

Scott: I need to find this cane. I need answers.

4. He does have a point.

Scott: What is the big deal? What did the cane ever do to you?

3. Kourt fights back!

Scott (to Kourt): I wouldn’t be surprised if I woke up and there were a million people ordering canes out there.
Kourt: Would you be surprised if you woke up and your cane was thrown off the balcony?

2. So it’s genetic?

Scott: My great granddaddy was a pimp.

1. Ah, the beloved double entendre!

Scott (to Kourt): Do you think there’s enough room in bed for my stick tonight?

03.8.2011 / 12:38 AM EDT by Caitlin O'Toole
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