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Jersey Shore

Does Vinny Really Have a Sex Tape?

Vinny dropped a sex tape bomb on Twitter yesterday, but was he serious about it or just yanking his followers' chains? May we remind you of the time he jokingly tweeted about using steroids? Yeah right, Vin, you're the scrawniest juicehead we've seen down the shore. Well, when it comes to the sex tape speculation, it looks like the Jersey Shore star was just making a crack at how his Twitter followers have skyrocketed in number.

Vinny tweeted on Monday, "My followers have jumped like crazy these past 2 days....Is there a sex tape of me out that I don't know about?" Har har, Vinny.

It's true, though, that Vinny's picking up followers like crazy. Mike may have initially been the most popular Jersey Shore cast member on Twitter, back when they all first signed up, but now, JWOWW, Vinny, and Pauly are all closing in on the 1 million followers mark. (What?! Fans aren't clamoring to read Ronnie's never-ending stream of retweets and total lack of original thoughts? We're shocked. Shocked.) Whoever's the first to get there, though, will be the second cast member to hit a million. The first, and most popular Jersey Shore Twitter user? Snooki. Duh. Has McCain tweeted any other Jersey cast members lately?

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