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Sofia Black D’Elia Tweets Off Against Haters

Well, we think we found some Skins US haters who are actually worse than the Parents Television Council. Next in line to slag off our fave show is the Westboro Baptist Church. That’s right, the purveyors of such phrases as “God Hates F*gs” and “Thank God For Dead American Soldiers” have sounded off against Sofia Black D’Elia and her portrayal of teen lesbian, Tea.

The confrontation actually started as a Twitter dust-up between Megan Phelps-Roper, a member of the church, and Liz Lee from the MTV show, My Life as Liz.

@meganphelps @MyLifeAsLiz_Liz We follow the teachings of Christ, who required obedience to His plain standards. "If ye love me, keep my commandments."

@MyLifeAsLiz_Liz well if I'm going to hell @meganphelps, I'll txt u when I get there & maybe we can meet up & eternally burn together or something. U in?

@meganphelps @MyLifeAsLiz_Liz While you pretend to be a Christian, why don't you read what Jesus actually said? Check out Luke 16.

Wow… But then Sofia Black D’Elia (Tea) bravely sprang to Liz’s defense via her own Twitter:

gotta back up MTV family, @MyLifeAsLiz_Liz, against the definition of ignorance: @meganphelps.

@meganphelps @sblackdelia It's Bible-ignorance you gotta worry about. This song is just for you & those u teach to be simple sluts!

**Jaw drops** Oh, and by the way, that “song” Megan was linking to was a ridiculous faux-religious parody of a Ke$ha song. Megan Phelps then hit back with:

@sblackdelia @meganphelps Listen, you really don't wanna start with me. I'm a Jew that plays a lesbian on TV.

@meganphelps @sblackdelia "I'm a Jew that plays a lesbian on TV." You're a whore who plays a whore on TV.

OMG, did she actually say that? Also, just FYI, Ms. Phelps linked to a truly unreal parody of Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface,” which spouted more hate speech. So there’s that. But both Sofia and Liz got a last shot in:

@sblackdelia @meganphelps And you're a dumb piece of sh*t who was raised to hate more than you love. So I guess we're even! [Our redaction]

@MyLifeAsLiz_ I'm done w/ you @meganphelps. U protested @ a 9 yr old girls funeral. how could I lower myself enough to tlk to someone like u.

We have newfound respect for Sofia Black D’Elia and Liz Lee for standing up to this horrendous hate speech. Rock on, girls!

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03.8.2011 / 02:34 AM EDT by David Connell
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