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True Blood

Werewolves: True Blood’s Beast of the Week

Werewolves are taking over Bon Temps faster than you can say “fangbanger.” But True Blood's wolf-men are new school: they don’t depend on the full moon for their morphing sched — these mutts can transform anytime, anyplace — day or night!

We still don’t know the full history of how werewolves came to be, but we do know that they’ve been around since Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) was banging ladies in the back of his daddy’s Viking castle.

Here are six need-to-know facts about werewolves:

1. They live in packs, just like one big, happy family! So far, the majority of the werewolves we’ve met have been pretty crazy, but there are good guys, too! Just take a look at Alcide (Joe Manganiello) — as if you weren’t staring already.

2. Werewolves love to be shirtless. Seriously, Alcide can't go five minutes without finding some reason to peel his shirt off. Werewolves drop trou when they change forms — so maybe that explains the constant nudity. Not that we’re complaining!

Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO    

3. Like shapeshifters, werewolves run hot — as Sookie (Anna Paquin) duly notes when she’s rubbing up on Alcide's bod during their "bonding session."

4. They’re super strong, but vampire strong? Pshhhh, not even! Bill (Stephen Moyer) killed three werewolves and injured one without breaking a sweat — and that was after feeding off of an OLD LADY. Ain’t no thang.

5. Werewolves love themselves some vamp blood. In "Beautifully Broken" (Season 3, Episode 2) we learn that V makes the werewolf experience even more intense! Werewolves can get a pretty good buzz on just a few drops of vamp juice — but they crave even more! Confused? Basically, that bowl full of Talbot is a werewolf’s ultimate fantasy. Gross.

6. The pack of werewolves hanging 'round Bon Temps were "were-Nazis" in World War II. Yep — you read that right. These pups are pure evil. Their master (going on a few thousand years or so) is ancient vamp King / crazy human-hater Russell Edgington. Raise your hand if you wouldn’t follow Russell around — he’s crazy in all the right ways! Russell keeps his werewolves happy by letting them drink his old-man blood, and, in exchange, he brands them with Wolfsangel — an ancient symbol believed to have the magical power to ward of werewolves.