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Dancing With The Stars

Wetpaint Exclusive! DWTS Pro Lacey Schwimmer Dishes on New Partner Mike Catherwood

When we last saw Lacey Schwimmer on Dancing With the Stars, the pro and her teen partner Kyle Massey just missed the top spot to Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough. Now she’s back for Season 12, and paired up with controversial shock jock Michael "Psycho Mike" Catherwood. We interviewed Lacey over email about the challenges of going all the way (to the finals) with an older man in this Wetpaint exclusive.

What is one of your favorite memories from DWTS?
The whole experience is intense and awesome. The first step I took on the stage was just huge, such energy and support, I'll never forget it.

Who has been your favorite dance partner so far – the person you meshed with the best?
My current partner Mike Catherwood and I are like two peas in a pod, but Kyle Massey is like my little brother.

What do you think of the DWTS scoring system? Do you like how much audience voting counts or would you rather judging from the actual judges counted more?
I'm all about the audience voting. My heart is with America! However, it's nice to have the judges input and opinion.

What do you think of this season’s crop of contestants? Is there anyone, in particular, you’re a big fan of that you’re excited to see learn to dance?
I love my partner. I love that he is the defined underdog, I can’t wait for the ladies to see him move.

How has Mike been doing during rehearsals? What does he have to work on the most?
He is so nervous but so determined to kick butt. He's a bit stiff and shy but I just use crude humor and he loosens right up. Haha!

What’s the difference competing on DWTS versus So You Think You Can Dance?
SYTYCD was more of a growing experience. DWTS is the best job. I'm so lucky and thankful for the show.

Derek and Julianne Hough have experienced DWTS sibling rivalry. Would you enjoy competing against your brother Benji on DWTS?
I would kick my brothers booty! Haha! I would love to see him on the show—he has a lot to offer that the show has never seen.

Are there any plans for you to ever dance with your brother Benji during a DWTS results show?
We have before. It's hard to find a song that is not about love, we definitely don't roll that way. Hah!

Last season we loved your chemistry with Kyle? Are you finding a similar chemistry with Mike, or is it slightly different because he’s older?
Kyle was a typical 19-year-old. Mike is sexy and hilarious....we get along just the same! I actually tackled him yesterday, Mike is pretty weak.

What’s your favorite dance? Are there any dances you wish were a regular part of the competition that aren’t?
I would love to do more West Coast swing, however I am the only professional who does it.

It always seems there’s a "controversial" contestant on the show. Last year, it was, of course, Bristol Palin. Before that, Kate Gosselin. Of this year’s crop of contestants, do you think one is bound to get people arguing?
I think we have an equal bunch this season. We have some more popular than others, some who are in the media constantly and others who are just very private. I think it's a great mash up.