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Pretty Little Liars

8 Reasons Why Spencer and Toby Are Cute Together

Haleb is hot and Ezria is romantic, but we have a soft spot for Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen). At first they seemed like a strange pair, but they've proven to be a perfect match. Spencer and Toby enjoy spending time together, they’ve been through similar experiences, and they have tons of chemistry. Unfortunately, Mrs. Hastings doesn’t approve of them, but if she could see our top eight reasons why they're good together, maybe she’d reconsider.

8. They’ve both been “a person of interest” in Alison’s murder investigation
They connect in a way no one else can because they know exactly what the other person has been through. They offer each other support, and by working together, they have a better chance of figuring out who framed them.

7. They’re really attractive
Toby’s amazing hair, eyes and abs, plus Spencer’s natural beauty makes for a really cute couple.

6. Toby wants to protect Spencer
Toby promised to help Spencer, even if it means going against his sister, Jenna. He’s loyal to Spence and knows that she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.

5. They can bond over their sibling problems
Toby has a complicated relationship with Jenna because she’s abusive and manipulative. Spencer and Melissa have always fought and their relationship is even more strained now that Melissa is married to Ian. Spencer and Toby can vent about their difficult sisters and know that the other person understands.

4. Toby never dated Melissa
Spencer has a habit of dating her sister’s boyfriends, so any sweet guy that's never been with Melissa is a major plus.

3. They get along off-screen, too
It helps when the actors involved in an on-screen relationship are buddies off-set, too, and Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen are no exception! Troian told E! Online, “Keegan is one of my favorite people on set and we are just really good friends — maybe it was just seeing us hanging out on set that [the writers] started to write our characters closer."

2. Opposites attract
Toby is calm and mellow, whereas Spencer is often uptight and stressed. They work well together since they balance each other out.

1. Toby's got brains
When Spencer and Toby were holed up in that motel room waiting for Jenna to arrive in the room next door, they played a friendly game of Scrabble. But it wasn't like the other Scrabble games Spencer was used to winning in her sleep. Toby was actually really smart and strategic! Intelligence is high on Spencer's priority list, so anyone who can match wits with her is boyfriend material.


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