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America's Next Top Model

“A Little Galliano Never Hurt Anyone” and Other Quotes From ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 3

Makeover Day on ANTM is kind of like a steady stream of cries, screams and laughter interrupted by a few words. Here are some of the best from last night's episode (March 9, 2011).

8. Sara (on panel): I shake like a little housebroken Chihuahua.
A cute image. Also really sad.

7. Laurent D. (on Molly’s hair): Those extensions? What is that? Twisted Sister?
Yes, and this one time, that’s a problem.

6. Monique: I get my way. I love my life. I always get what I want. Usually.
A note of ambiguity at the end. What should we believe?

5. Dominique: I’m inspired by a lot of stuff, like...(shrugs).

4. Tyra: I never say no to a double. I just say, ‘Back up, bitch.’

3. Alexandria (to Monique): Think doe-eyed, like this. Just doe-y. You’re a big doe.
Alexandria couldn’t rely on the renowned photographer to give instructions.

2. Lori Goldstein (while styling the models): A little John Galliano never hurt anyone.
We know this was filmed pre-anti-Semitic rant, but still. Gonna have to disagree on that one.

1. Sara (holding up her chopped rat tail): Do you wanna lick it?
Hmm. No.


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