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The Bachelor

Brad Womack Reacts to the “Most Dramatic ‘Women Tell All’ Episode in Bachelor History”

As usual, Brad Womack had no idea what he was getting into. As he describes in his blog, he wasn’t privy to what was going on as they taped “the most dramatic ‘Women Tell All’ episode in Bachelor history.” He only faced the women for the two segments that he was on stage. What he saw later on television shocked him.

“My God, the women didn't hold back!” Brad writes. “Sweet little Jackie, using the F-bomb?! Stacey, attacking Michelle's parenting skills?! Raichel, still refusing to apologize to Melissa? As I said, the most dramatic ever!”

The ladies’ attack on Michelle really surprised Brad — and not in a good way. “Yes, the ladies are entitled to their opinions, but after seeing Michelle sobbing, I expected the other women to back down a little bit. The attack was almost relentless! Thank God for referee Chris stepping in or who knows how bad it would have gotten,” he writes.

On a positive note, he feels badly about how he handled his breakup with Ashley S. “Having to watch Ashley S.'s goodbye was heart-wrenching. I'm going to admit something – Ashley asked for closure from the date in Vegas and, after watching my response, I still don't feel as if I provided what she was looking for. [...] So I'm here to admit, saying goodbye had nothing to do with Ashley S. — it had everything to do with me. Ashley, if you're reading this, trust me when I say you will make an extraordinary wife to a very lucky man one day!”

The other Ashley gets some sympathy too, but not to the same extent. “I wish I could have been the man that could comfort her and make her feel confident when she needed me,” he writes. “I failed at that particular task. Something tells me Ashley [H.] will be just fine.”

To wrap things up and keep us guessing about next week, Brad gushes about his final lady once more. “Well, I can't believe it! We're here. ONE MORE WEEK! I'm so excited to have the opportunity to talk about the woman I have fallen in love with. She has changed my life.” So, is it Emily or Chantal? We want to know!

Source: People

03.10.2011 / 12:35 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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