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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison on “The Women Tell All”: Ashley Hebert Is “a New Woman”

Chris Harrison all but calls Ashley Hebert “a changed woman” in his Entertainment Weekly blog on The Bachelor Season 15: “The Women Tell All.” He’s definitely trying to sell her as having grown and learned a lot, but some changes are only hair-follicle deep. We’re not convinced she would make a worthy — or interesting — Bachelorette. (Team Michelle or Shawntel!)

Read on for more highlights from the Rosemaster’s blog:


Studio reactions: “We shot the show in a new studio. It was much smaller than the one we usually use. For this reason it was a very tight, intimate setting. When I introduce the women, I always find it interesting to listen to the audience’s reaction to each woman. Ashley S., Ashley H., and Shawntel got the loudest applause. Madison got an odd response, like the fans still don’t know what to make of her. Michelle definitely got a mixed response. Fans obviously feel very strongly about her one way or the other. As soon as the ladies came out, so did their claws. I honestly figured by the time everyone came back for the Tell All, all would be forgiven and the girls would try to make nice with each other. Not so much!” (Oh stop it, Rosemaster. You didn’t think for a minute that they’d forgive and forget. If they did, you wouldn’t have a show!”

Ashley H. gets the Ali Fedotowsky treatment: “I also enjoyed my talk with the new Ashley H. I, for one, love the new look and new attitude she was showing on the special. The main thing I got from her was that she has a lot of regret. Ashley H. really regrets not putting herself out there more and questioning everything so much. She feels that had she not fallen on her own sword she might have been the final woman standing, and I can’t say for sure that she’s not right. Brad said himself back in South Africa that he couldn’t believe he was saying goodbye to Ashley when just weeks before he had such strong feelings for her. One thing I love about the Tell All is to see how people change and grow from this experience. It was good to see Ashley H. has grown and learned a lot. She really did seem like a new woman to me.”

Never challenge someone’s parenting skills: “After ten years of hosting this show not much surprises me anymore. Michelle surprised me. The moment I introduced the ladies, the attacks on Michelle started. Instead of fighting back Michelle got very emotional and started crying. We took a commercial break, Michelle composed herself, and then I brought her up to the hot seat. She immediately lost it again and really broke down. It shocked all of this to see this strong personality so frail and vulnerable. Then things really got bad when Stacey attacked her and brought up her daughter. Let me say something to the folks out there who don’t have kids: You can say a lot of things about people, but questioning someone’s parenting skills or decisions is not smart. Michelle understandably got very defensive but also really lost it emotionally. She was literally shaking and hyperventilating. The bizarre thing was despite Michelle cowering and sobbing, the girls just kept right on talking and taking shots at her. That’s when I got a little protective and had to step in and calm things down a bit. We took another break so Michelle could try to calm herself down but she never really recovered. She had a rough day.”

Sing it, Rosemaster!

Read the full blog here.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

03.10.2011 / 11:44 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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