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Lauren Convinces Puck to Make a Sex Tape! Top 5 Most Outrageous Lauren Moments From Glee Season 2, Episode 15

Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink) could be the new craziest person on Glee! With Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) taking a diminished role this week, Lauren was more than happy to fill her larger-than-life shoes, dishing out insults and coming up with unorthodox ways to get famous. Here are the top five most jaw-dropping Lauren moments from “Sexy.” Sue would be proud!

5. Lauren breaks the news to Artie about his impending fatherhood
When Lauren hears that Brittany is pregnant, she doesn’t run out to pick up, say, a collection of Baby Einstein CDs for Artie. That would be too thoughtful. Instead, she shouts at him, “You’re gonna be a baby daddy!” Had she used any tact, she wouldn’t be the Lauren we all know and love.

4. Lauren calls Puck a nerd for joining Celibacy Club
Shouting random insults at people is pretty much what Lauren does best, so it’s not surprising when she calls her boyfriend a nerd. This is one girl who doesn’t keep her feelings to herself — and who really likes sex!

3. Lauren kisses Puck at the most random time ever!
One moment, she’s telling Puck that she’s about to punch him — which is a completely typical thing for Lauren to say. The next moment, she’s kissing him in the most romantic and steamy way that we’ve ever seen these two behave! We actually loved the timing of that kiss — even Lauren’s makeout scenes are totally badass and unconventional.

2. Lauren wants her own show, fragrance, and catchphrase (is that all?)
As Lauren explains her “You just got Ziced!” catchphrase, we start thinking that we’d totally watch her show. Someone needs to get this woman on the phone with the Bravo channel, pronto!

1. Sex tape time!
Most celebrity sex tapes haven’t been leaked on purpose by the celebrities, as far as we know. But Lauren Zizes isn’t most people. And Puck certainly isn’t going to be the guy to stop her.

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