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Parents Television Council up in Arms Over Glee’s “Sexy”

The Lima parents weren’t the only ones upset about the racy dancing that Gwyneth Paltrow brought to the halls of McKinley High. The Parents Television Council is up in arms about this week’s Glee, and they aren’t keeping quiet.

Dan Isett says the show went too far. "Most notably was the discussion between a couple of students about wanting to become famous by making a sex tape," said Dan, referring to the tape that Puck and Lauren were going to make. “Exactly what kind of message is that?"

Isett believes that Glee tries to have its cake and eat it too when it comes to sexuality. "It's sort of funny how the show has evolved, because they sort of subconsciously put in these sections that talk about real consequences of behavior like that, but then focus on more [bad] behavior. They try to have it both ways."

The PTC isn’t the only group disappointed in Glee’s sex ed episode. Kidscape, a children’s charity, is speaking out about Glee’s decision to use a Gary Glitter song. Gary Glitter served three years in a Vietnam prison for sexually assaulting two young girls, but stands to receive thousands for the use of “Do You Wanna Touch Me.” Claude Knights, the charity’s director, says “It is regrettable that the producers did not consider the implication of using such a track in the context of a sex education class. The fact that this song is linked to Gary Glitter, and the words themselves, make it wholly inappropriate.”

The PTC took most offense to Paltrow’s sexy dance during “Do You Wanna Touch Me.” "If you had a real-life instance of that, I think it's fair to say the teacher involved would no longer be a teacher," he says. "But somehow it's acceptable for a fictional teacher to do this. Again, this is a real problem. Real-world teachers don't lap dance with their students." They don’t, but this isn’t the real world; it’s Glee.

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03.10.2011 / 11:51 PM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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