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What We Didn’t See: More Drama, Intensity, and Fighting in “The Women Tell All”

If you thought “The Women Tell All” was rough from home, imagine what it was like to be there in person! People Magazine was on the scene, and they have details on how it was much, much nastier than what ABC aired. Why does “The Men Tell All” never have this much drama?

Here are highlights from People's behind-the-scenes scoop:

• The attacks against Michelle were more intense and lasted almost twice as long as was shown. "I never in my life thought I would get that emotional," Money told People backstage. "I was so upset I couldn't breathe. I never felt uglier. The whole process has been hard but tonight was my breaking point." Michelle did appreciate hearing words of support coming from the audience. "It feels redemptive to think maybe I changed a few opinions of me tonight," she said. "Maybe people at home will see I'm not the villain I was edited to be."

Madison had a comment at one point about not wanting to be friends and it sounded like she was directing it toward Michelle. That's not true. People says she defended Michelle extensively, giving her props for being "honest from go about being there to find love not friends." Madison was also one of the women — along with Alli, Ashley H., Melissa and Lisa — who were thanked with hugs and hand squeezes from Michelle when she returned to her seat. "That was overly brutal," Madison said. "I would have cried too." Go Madison!

• The Raichel vs. Melissa segment was even nastier, too. As People describes, "Raichel's chest implants were mocked and mental disorders like ADD and OCD were bandied about to describe Melissa. When Jackie told her she should have just walked away from the drama and been the bigger person, Raichel told Jackie to go sing 'Beauty and the Beast' because she was acting ‘so Disney.' Raichel had so many zingers, it felt at times like an audition for Season 2 of Bachelor Pad." In fact, it sounds like that's exactly the case. As Raichel told People, "I hope they see from tonight that I would be a great candidate for that show. My doctor would be happy to turn this $11,000 boob job into a $20,000 one after I win." Ick!

• Raichel asked Brad if the Melissa drama was responsible for her exit. "I'm not a fan of drama and I wanted it out of the house," Brad said. For some reason, Raichel felt that was vindication. "I was happy to hear that the connection wasn't something I made up in my head, but I'm still pissed because I think that had I not gotten into the drama with Melissa, I had a real shot at the final two ... But now we'll never know thanks to that poisonous b–ch." Okay...

• Everyone was surprised by Ashley H.'s new look. Chris Harrison did a double take when he first saw her, but Ashley told People after the show that she thought it surprised Brad more than anyone. "He didn't even recognize me, but when we hugged he said he thought it looked great a second time," she said. "I'm really happy with it. I feel like this is the natural me and I needed to refresh after this experience." However, no one mentions the fact that in the previews, Brad seems to tell Ashley he sabotaged their date in South Africa. That never made air and it isn't discussed in the People article. What gives? We wanted to hear more about that.

Source: People

03.10.2011 / 12:10 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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