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Grey's Anatomy

10 Most Cringe-Worthy Moments of Grey’s Anatomy

Clearly our love of Grey's Anatomy runs deep (see our entire page devoted to the subject). But viewing the show is not always easy. Sometimes, we can hardly watch because of the subject matter or because of the execution. Here are the moments that had us talking — and not in a good way.

10. Stewart and his knife
It was bad enough that the patient named Stewart walked into the ER during The Very Meredith Grey Episode of Season 7 with a knife sticking out of his head. But he was disgustingly nonchalant about it. And even worse, he started moving the knife by burrowing his eyebrows like some sort of parlor trick. As if that weren't bad enough, we had to hear the cringe-inducing brain-squishing sound effects.

9. Sadie
We've loved (or loved to hate) actress Melissa George on Alias and In Treatment, so we were pumped when we learned she would play a recurring character on Grey's. But between the self-mutilation, the deception, and the stupid nicknames, Sadie was impossible to like. Mer can do so much better in the best friend department. Oh yeah, she already has: Cristina.

8. Eyebrow-less Cristina
Was there any better symbol for how much Cristina sacrificed to marry Burke than her eyebrowless face? She was only trying to please him and his mother and have their idea of the perfect wedding, and she ended up with no eyebrows. We cannot stress that point enough.

7. "I see the leaves!"
Grey's relies too much on a particular type of conversation. It goes like this. Person A turns to leave. Person B yells out a non sequitur. Person A says, "What?" Through a long-winded anecdote, Person B explains how that non sequitur is a metaphor for the current situation. It was this conversation, in which Erica Hahn equated her realizing she was a lesbian to realizing she needed glasses, that made us realize how much of a cliche it had gotten to be.

6. Dunn brains himself
Serial killer William Dunn stated that he'd rather die on the operating table than be executed, especially because there was a little kid in the hospital who needed his organs. Meredith let William know in no uncertain turns that his head was fragile, and William caught her subtext and started bashing his head against a metal railing. Cue our extreme discomfort.

5. Gizzie takes a shower
We never saw what exactly Izzie's fantasy involved. And for that we should be thankful, it seems, because it involved her cowering outside of the shower and George in the bathtub with a chipped tooth. She must have been into some kinky stuff.

4. Private Practice backdoor pilot
We get it. Shonda and ABC wanted to test the waters to see if Private Practice had legs. But the episode in which Addison travelled to L.A. to meet up with the docs of Oceanside Wellness was just half-baked. The two shows were just arbitrarily and haphazardly mashed-up without any thought as to cohesion, and most of us were just waiting for the Seattle scenes. (Don't get us started on fact that Naomi was ultimately recast and that the same guest stars portray different characters in two shows purportedly set within the same universe.)

3. Deer resuscitation
Poor Izzie had the most preposterous storyline in the season premiere of season 4 — or maybe of the whole of season 4 — when she had to revive a fallen deer in the back of a pickup to appease a little kid. We mean, really... weren't there any better ways to use Izzie in that episode? Does her saving the deer have larger thematic implications to which we're just not privy?

Credit: Scott Garfield/ABC via Getty Images    

2. Ghost sex
The beating of the "jump the shark" drum was never louder in online forums than when Izzie started to do the nasty with the spirit of Denny. We mean, we're all for a healthy imagination, particularly when it comes to fantasies, but come on. Unless your name is Demi Moore or Patrick Swayze, there's no real justification for ghost-human relations.

1. George/Meredith encounter
Three words: sobbing during sex. This hookup never should have happened, particularly with the mindset Meredith had at the time. The whole encounter icked us out, and it nearly ruined Meredith and George's friendship.


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