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American Idol

James Durbin: “My Tourettes Doesn’t Bother Me At All When I Sing”

James Durbin has been lighting up American Idol with his rocking performances. Seriously, the guy sang a Judas Priest song — it doesn’t rock any harder than that! But while James is understandably over the moon about his success on Idol, he’s also motivated by a desire to represent those with similar conditions to his own. As many fans of the show will remember, James opened up about being diagnosed with both Asperger’s Syndrome and Tourettes Syndrome as a child. But now that James is taking the Idol stage by storm, he’s putting a whole new face on these often misunderstood mental disorders.

James told in a recent interview, “From day one… I’ve been getting emails and fan mail and people posting on my wall on Facebook and tweeting about how much of an inspiration I am for them and their families and children. It’s so cool. It’s broadening the horizons for people what people with Tourettes and Aspergers and Autism or ADD, ADHD or any mental disorder can do.”

When asked whether his Tourettes has had any effect on his Season 10 performance, James replied, “[My] Tourette’s hasn’t affected me whatsoever in my performances. It goes away completely when I’m singing… [W]hen the music is playing and I’m singing, I have not a care in the world. I’m at home on the stage. I feel so comfortable.”

We think he looks pretty comfortable on stage, too. Good thing, because we have a feeling he’s gonna be on rock stages for a long, long time. We couldn’t imagine Season 10 without him!


03.11.2011 / 04:12 AM EDT by David Connell
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