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The Vampire Diaries

Must-Watch: Ian Somerhalder Foundation Videos

It’s hard not to love Ian Somerhalder when he’s equal parts snarky (which we see evidenced every week by his perfect portrayal of Damon) and caring. Funny and philanthropic? Winning combo!

So yeah, we’ve definitely seen the snark, but where does the “caring” part come in? If you don’t know by now, Ian launched an environmental foundation in his own name late last year. We’ve written about the group’s objectives before (and while Ian loves his cuddly creatures, the foundation goes way beyond finding homes for our furry friends), but we recently found out the foundation has a YouTube page. And lucky for us it’s chock full of informative — and clever — videos to fill us in on what’s really up. Did you know 800 million pounds of pesticides are used by the U.S. agriculture industry every year? Or that “vampires” are on the endangered species list? Neither did we! (Okay, obvi that last one’s a joke — but Ian did manage to nonchalantly slip it into one of the vids. Har har!)

Check out the foundation’s YouTube spot for more surprising stats that are sure to get you excited about Ian’s cause (and a little p-ed off at some of our country’s harmful and wasteful practices!).

Source: YouTube

03.11.2011 / 01:34 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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