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Pretty Little Liars

Spoiler: Will Paige Get Jealous of Emily and Maya on Pretty Little Liars?

Paige isn’t one to show her emotions, but something will happen on Monday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars (March 14, 2011) to make her green with envy.

Lindsey Shaw told, “You saw Paige being really jealous in the first few episodes [about Emily’s swimming records], but that jealousy kind of returns in a different way. And there are some hurt feelings, and it gets tricky to navigate.”

We’re guessing Maya will return to Rosewood, and she’ll want to resume her relationship with Emily. However, Paige and Emily have become close, which will certainly complicate things.

We imagine both Maya and Paige will get territorial of Em, which will make her decision even harder. However, if Paige is the one who’s acting jealous, we have a feeling Emily will end up with Maya.

Who do you think is better for Emily: Paige or Maya? Vote here!



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