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Pretty Little Liars

The 10 Creepiest Ending Scenes on Pretty Little Liars

On Pretty Little Liars, the texts from myterious stalker "A" are threatening, but even scarier are the haunting moments at the end of each episode. "A" does alarming things like smash objects, burn trees, and kill rats. We always knew "A" was creepy, but when he or she does these things from the comfort of his or her own home, we’re freaked out even more.

10. "A's" wall was covered with photos of Emily and Maya kissing.
After stealing Emily and Maya's photo booth picture, “A” made about a million copies. Talk about a crazy stalker.

9. “A” came face to face with Ella.
Ella handed “A” his or her leather coat and gloves at the dance-a-thon. This was disconcerting because it means the girls were with "A" all night and didn't even know it.

8. He or she burned the tree that said Ali + Ian
After chopping down the tree with Alison and Ian’s names, “A” burned the evidence. When "A" set flames to the carvings, we realized that he or she meant business.

7. “A" sent the Rosewood Police Department Alison's death video.
This creepy clip proves that Ian was at the scene of the crime, and it’s also when we first got a glimpse of “A”s leather gloves. We’ve been haunted by them ever since.

6. "A" watched a tape of the little liars right after it happened.
Within seconds of the little liars standing outside Spencer’s house, “A” had footage of them there. This was easy for "A," which means he or she has probably filmed the girls before.

5. "A" smashing Hanna’s heart
“A” achieved his or her goal by breaking Hanna’s heart – literally and figuratively. But even worse than that was when “A” put all the shattered pieces in a box with glue and told Hanna to put them back together.

4. "A" put the stolen money in a clown piggy bank.
How did “A” know all the Marin’s stolen money was in the lasagna box? And why did he or she put it in a clown piggy bank of all places? Between the clown bank and “A” dragging a clown in next week’s episode, we’re beginning to think he or she wants to join the circus.

3. When "A" changed the number on the Rosewood population sign
Leave it to “A” to take authority. We had goose bumps during this scene since we weren’t sure if “A” killed someone else.

2. "A" signed Hanna’s cast.
We thought the hospital had tight security, but apparently not if “A” snuck in and wrote a bitchy message on Hanna’s cast. We’re not sure how Hanna didn’t feel someone writing on her leg, but that only adds to the sketchiness of the situation.

1. Rats to represent the little liars
Having four rats is weird, but naming them after the little liars is just disturbing. Even worse is that the Spencer rat was dead! Someone call PETA because "A" is now a victim of animal cruelty.

P.S. – a super fan made this video of the ending scenes, but beware: you might not want to watch it alone.


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