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America's Next Top Model

ANTM: Worst Weaves and Extensions

Inspired by the terrible fate Molly suffered on the most recent Makeover Day, we decided to do a quick roundup of some of the more questionable weaves and extensions in ANTM history. Let’s relive some of the hair madness.

Molly, Cycle 16

Poor Molls. If only someone had noticed her blonde, Diana Ross-inspired weave wasn’t coming out so hot. Oh that’s right, everyone did. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after the six hour process that they all felt comfortable enough to discuss it. Molly’s been promised a makeover-makeover and from these sneak peek pics, it's looking a LOT better.

Jael, Cycle 8

Jael was the wild child of Cycle 8, and so she was a little bummed when her punk-y platinum hair was replaced with a long brown weave. But she lucked out! After sitting for eight hours to get the hair sewn in, Jay decided they were removing it altogether and chopping off her original hair instead. The short cut suited her personality better, but seriously, ouch.

Brittany, Cycle 8

What started as a red-orange weave quickly became a red-orange clump. That itched. Though it lasted a little longer, Brittany’s weave was removed just like Jael’s, and we like to think they both went off together to that big hair salon in the sky.

Elina, Cycle 11

We’ll never forget watching Elina in the salon chair as she caught her first glimpse of that red (read: orange) wavy weave resting on her shoulder. Soon the slick brown haircut she rolled in with was completely covered by an orange poof of wonder. There’s not much to say about this except it was bright, curly and big. And it made her weep.

Jenah, Cycle 9

The long blonde extensions were cute when styled properly, but when left to her own devices, Jenah seemed to have some difficulty managing them. Meaning she threw it all back in a messy ponytail most of the time.

Megg, Cycle 7

Megg was the head-banging rocker chick, and we appreciate that Tyra & Co. celebrated her personality with long curly hair. But there was just so much of it. The millions of curls (we can’t be exaggerating that number) flattened some over time, and the length overwhelmed her tiny frame.

Krista, Cycle 14

We might have gotten behind the idea of Krista’s removable ponytail if it hadn’t looked so...removable. But kudos to her for winning the top prize despite being the first to say the makeover was a little underwhelming.

03.12.2011 / 12:28 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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