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Bones’ David Boreanaz Admits to a Possible Makeout Scene in “The Blackout in the Blizzard”

We’re not sure why, but it feels like last week’s episode of Bones just finished airing. It could have something to do with the fact that we spent the weekend rewatching this Thursday’s preview in slow-mo. What? We haven’t been this excited for something since New Kids on the Block joined forces with the Backstreet Boys.

Now that David Boreanaz (Booth) has spilled more details to Entertainment Weekly about “The Blackout in the Blizzard,” which also happens to be the fourth episode he’s directed, we’re close to ditching our “I Heart Joey McIntyre” shirt for an “I Heart David” one.

The details
”The Blackout in the Blizzard” is the episode in which D.C. gets hit by a giant blizzard that causes a city-wide power outage. As a result, Booth and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) get stuck in an elevator together. That’s about as much as we could glean from watching the preview. Lucky for us, Boreanaz teased much, much more:

“At the start of the episode, these guys are dumping the seats in the middle of this snowstorm, and I’m like Bank! Bank! Bank! ‘Get the seats and bring ‘em up to the apartment.’ I’m like a little kid in the candy store. I convince Bones and Sweets [John Francis Daley] to lend a hand and help me carry these things that weight like 8,000 pounds through the snow, up the stairs, and into grandmother’s house we go — the elevator. We jam them in the elevator, the elevator door closes, and a quarter of the way up, the power goes up, and Bones and I are stuck in there for almost half a day. That’s where they kinda come to grips with their relationship, and he pulls out a ring and says, ‘Will you marry me, please?’ No.”

He’s kidding about the last part, folks. Sorry.

The highly anticipated “talk”
What do a girl and guy do when trapped in an elevator without cards? Talk. And maybe make out. “Yes, there is a moment. There is a very strong moment,” he says. “I think fans will be excited. But some may just throw a shoe at the TV.”

His directing
This is the second time the Bones actor has gotten the opportunity to go behind the camera this season. He dished on his on-set antics:

“You never know what episode you’re gonna get when you direct an episode. I didn’t know I’d get the Gravedigger [episode] either when I blew her head off. Bye-bye. Can I quote Charlie Sheen? Winning! [...] It was challenging because it was a bottle show, meaning the studio wants to save money. We’re shooting in locations that we already have existing on stage. But they’ve learned that if Boreanaz is directing a bottle show, they’re not gonna save money. I think it went over budget, actually. I’m laughing at myself now because we just did all these crazy things during the episode which cost so much. We had to build the elevator, and then the snow — we covered the whole backlot with paper snow, we had machines spraying tiny bubbles that looked like snow. It was amazing. It looked unbelievable. And then the opening shot is a guy on a Steadicam on a crane, coming down, stepping off the crane with a snowplow coming toward us. I’ve always wanted to do a Steadicam off a crane, and this was a great opportunity to do it. It sets the pace. You’re in the middle of a blizzard.”

The case
We told you in our Season 6 spoiler roundup about the victim with the highly contagious disease. With no power and no fancy-schmancy machines, the Jeffersonian team must solve it old school — by trial and error. “There’s a big stunt where Hodgins [TJ Thyne] goes flying through the air with the greatest of ease, and he come swinging down off a bungee cord, and then hits Wendell [Michael Grant Terry] with this blue stuff that goes all over him. It’s some funny stuff,” Boreanaz said. “Usually in Bones episodes, they have one experiment. I think I had like three, it was crazy.”

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