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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison: Brad Gave Emily a Spoiler, Group Date Even Worse Than Expected

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Time to grab a frozen green mojito and enjoy the tastiest bits from Rosemaster Chris Harrison’s Entertainment Weekly blog on this week’s Bachelor episode.

Ah, the group date. Let’s start with Emily Maynard first...

Emily and Brad improvised: “Apparently [our helicopter] got held up in customs, so the date was delayed. That bit where Brad and Emily sat on the bench and had a glass of champagne wasn’t planned. It was quickly improvised once we realized their transportation wasn’t coming any time soon.”

Island of Suggestion: “Was it just me or did anybody else catch the humorous irony that [Sandy Island] was very much in the shape of a male… well let’s say manhood?”

Emily gets special treatment: “First of all it was important to Brad that he make a good impression on Emily and get permission to meet her daughter. This was the first time I can remember anybody telling someone they would definitely be getting a rose prior to a rose ceremony. Brad did this to make sure Emily knew just how he felt and that he was very serious about wanting to meet Emily’s little girl.”

Brad + Chris = Besties?: “I got to spend a lot of time with Brad on the island. We had breakfast together just about every morning we were there. It was kind of like our morning deliberations. I should say, he was in a better mood until the group date from hell.”

Auntie Bea has a dirty mind: “The older woman [Shawntel and Brad] met and talked to [on their date], Auntie Bea, was really sweet but turns out she was a little like Dr. Ruth. She ended up giving Brad and Shawntel sex advice.”

Poor Britt: “As you saw, Britt’s exit was very different than any we’ve ever had before. Instead of just leaving you got to see Britt go back to the ladies villa and tell the other women she was packing up and going home. Nobody saw this coming and the women were shocked and upset.” [Editor’s note: Yeah, right!]

Modeling on no sleep: “I have to give the women credit. Most women would have absolutely freaked out if you surprised them with something like this. This is something most women would probably like a little heads up on. Michelle, Ashley and Chantal took it all in stride and really stepped up to the challenge. They all looked like they had been modeling for years.”

Buh-bye, Michelle: “I know many of you have been dying for this day to come and it finally did. Brad’s patience quickly wore thin with Michelle and their relationship really fell apart over the last two weeks. On a personal note, I will miss her narration of the show. She has a wicked sense of humor and was fun to have around. Come on — you have to admit she made you laugh a few times with her comments.”

Read the Chris Harrison’s full blog post here.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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03.15.2011 / 03:53 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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