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Jersey Shore

Snooki’s Ex Emilio Blasts Her for Having Sex on Camera

In Emilio Masella's latest video blog for RadarOnline (yep, that's still a thing, and yes, it's still weird), it looks like he's finally changed his tune about his ex, Snooki. For a few weeks' worth of videos, he sort of pathetically whined about not understanding why Snooki broke up with him, and missing her, and how he thought he was good for her. But, after the last couple episodes of Jersey Shore has aired, he realizes why he never wants to be with her again.

Evidently, his beef rests with the fact that Snooki had an apparent one-night stand in last week's episode with yet another guy who looked like Pauly D. "Nicole is sleeping with all these dudes, yet she told me she would never have sex on camera," Emilio gripes. "No offense, I was trying to be nice to Nicole, but after watching this, I’m glad we don’t date anymore." He adds, "It’s just not good, she’s just seen with so many different people, it’s very unattractive."

Allllllright, listen, boys. We are just plain sick and tired of hearing about Snooki's allegedly slutty escapades when you get to run around getting it in all you want. Especially when, if anything, Snooki's the serial monogamist of the bunch, and she's just trying to screen for a boyfriend. Everyone jumped down Angelina's throat for getting around, which was fair, because she sucked, but let's not uphold Snooki to the same double standard. This concludes today's lecture.

In the closing words of Emilio Masella: Toodles!

Source: RadarOnline


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