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The Bachelorette

4 Reasons Ashley Hebert Will Make a Great Bachelorette — and 4 Reasons She Won’t


1. She’s kinda annoying
When she wasn’t goofing around, acting like a little kid (who sleeps with her stuffed bear), she was whiny, needy, jealous, and a little manipulative. Like Chantal O’Brien, Ashley was a game-player who kept giving Brad ultimatums. She’d pull back to protect herself and basically threaten to leave, requiring Brad to spend more one-on-one time with her to talk her down from the ledge. The ladies called her “exhausting,” and Shawntel said in her exit interview that Ashely needed constant emotional reassurance.

2. There were better options
So many better options — from Shawntel Newton, Michelle Money, and Ashley Spivey (little girl voice and all) to past Bachelor stars like Jillian Harris and Gia Allemand. Or someone brand new. Someone brand new would’ve been just fine.

3. She doesn’t even seem ready for love
Not only was Ashley incapable of showing or articulating any feelings for Brad, she made it clear that dentistry is her number one priority. This is like Ali Fedotowsky leaving Jake Pavelka for her job at Facebook, then dumping Facebook for The Bachelorette. Is Ashley going to finish dental school or not? Does she want to get married, or just find a guy to date while studying in Philadelphia? If it’s the latter, why does she need The Bachelorette?

4. She doesn’t elicit a strong reaction (which could be a plus — she’s a blank canvas)
We don’t hate Ashley, but we’re not wild about her either. She didn’t really come off as heartbroken after The Bachelor — an attribute of past bachelorettes. Even people who hate Michelle Money at least feel strongly about her, and they know she’d make for good TV. Fans don’t seem to feel that strongly about Ashley either way, but they’re leaning toward “why her?”

Here’s our challenge to Ashley: Prove us wrong!
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    

We’re not going to pretend she was our first choice, but she’s heading to the hot seat. So we’re going to make the best of it. Here are four reasons why Ashley Hebert will make a great Season 7 Bachelorette, weighed against four reasons she may struggle.


1. She knows what she’s getting into
Unlike a newbie, she’s been through “the process” before. She won’t be overwhelmed by the pace of everything. She knows she’ll have to make tough decisions, develop feelings quickly, and articulate her emotions along the way. (We’re worried about how well she’ll handle the latter.) She’ll expect the inevitable drama, so she’ll be prepared to react appropriately.

2. She’s a changed woman!
Ashley didn’t make a terribly positive impression on The Bachelor. She started out fun and happy, but immediately switched over to needy, jealous, and “exhausting.” When it was time for her to lay down all her emotional cards, she pulled back. But she’s aware of what she did and what she should’ve done, and it’s unlikely she’ll make the same mistakes twice. Her “Women Tell All” makeover went deeper than just a change from blonde to brunette.

3. She’s bubbly and fun
Ashley likes to have a good time. She’s cute and energetic, and she’ll bring out the fun side of her bachelors. She’ll also probably get drunk a lot and generate oodles of high emotional drama. In this respect, she’s a better choice than, say, an Emily Maynard, Chantal O’Brien, or Shawntel Newton. She is unlikely to be a Debbie Downer.

4. ABC can cast a bunch of crazy guys for her
They couldn’t cast crazies for Emily Maynard, if she were the Bachelorette. And chances are sane, mature Shawntel Newton would quietly reject the Kasey Kahls of the world. But Ashley would probably adore an over-the-top guy like Kasey. She needs constant reassurance, and emotional guys like that are all-too-willing to wear their hearts on their sleeves. A fun-loving girl like Ashley is probably going to go for a similar spontaneous, high-energy person — and watching that kind of relationship develop into something substantial could be fun. No dull, middle-of-the-road types for her, ABC!

03.16.2011 / 02:15 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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