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Kurt and Blaine Kiss! Recap of Glee Season 2, Episode 16: “Original Song”

Blaine and Kurt are officially an item! Hooray! Of course, on this show, we assume that they’ll have broken up and gotten back together about six separate times before next week’s episode rolls around.

The episode, entitled “Original Song” (Is it just us, or are these episode titles just getting more and more creative?) kicks off with Kurt complaining that Blaine gets too many solos. Of course, if you ask us, that’s like complaining when the counter person at Ben & Jerry’s makes your scoop too big.

"Original Song" saw many of our New Directions members getting to show off their songwriting skills, leading to a slew of wacky satirical send-ups of various musical genres. (How proud Weird Al must be right now.) First up was Rachel, who gave Finn a performance of her new, sure-to-be-a-hit number about... uh, what was that song about exactly? Something about embryos?

Quinn, jealous about the time that Finn is spending with Rachel, is still determined to be named prom queen, with Finn as her king, so she decides to kill Rachel with kindness. When Rachel suggests that the group use original music to beat an especially angry Sue and her Aural Intensity troupe at Regionals, Quinn miraculously backs Rachel up. We know — we’re shocked, too.

It’s now that we get to the much-rumored death in the episode, which involves the Warblers’ beloved mascot, Pavarotti. It was touching, of course, as his passing inspires Kurt to perform “Blackbird” for the Warblers, who then follow Blaine’s lead and allow Kurt to duet with Blaine at Regionals. (Plus, we feel that the bird might have even given a better onscreen death performance than Leo in Titanic.)

Kurt and Blaine then meet up to rehearse their duet, but they don’t spend much time rehearsin’, if you get our drift. (You don’t get our drift? Well, they make out. A lot.) And what can we say, except that we’re really happy for the two of them! It reminds us of a famous Gandhi quote: “Making out is a lot of fun.” (We’re pretty sure that Gandhi said that.)

Credit: ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Adam Rose/FOX    

Other New Directions members perform their own original songs (including Santana singing about her favorite subject — Sam’s mouth), which makes Schue realize they need a little guidance and tells them to write about pain. We’re thinking this group knows a thing or two about that subject (especially after we see Sue throwing sticks at Mercedes for no apparent reason).

It’s time for Regionals, where Sue’s Aural Intensity perform a song all about Jesus (complete with the singers contorting their bodies to resemble the star of David!), followed by Kurt and Blaine’s duet on a Hey Monday song.

Next up, Rachel performs her moving ballad, “Get It Right,” and then the entire group does “Loser Like Me,” which is a total blast! It’s then up to the motley assortment of judges, including a nun/stripper, and a Sarah Palin-type politician, played by Kathy Griffin. And as we hear Kathy Griffin’s character complain about the song performed by two gay students, we’re thinking to ourselves: “We’re supposed to imagine a universe in which Kathy Griffin isn’t beloved by every single gay guy in existence? As if!”

A politician’s wife is then called onstage to read the winner of the competition, which turns out to be... New Directions! And the members of New Directions vote Rachel as their MVP, which she accepts the way the pros would do (translation: with an endless speech).

Needless to say, this episode had pretty much everything — a new relationship, the loss of a loved one, the glee club uniting to achieve success, and songs with silly lyrics about people’s mouths. Heck — we even had fun watching Sue punch that lady! In fact, as Gandhi once said, “Punching someone in the face isn’t the worst thing in the world, as long as you don’t do it all the time.”

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