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Pretty Little Liars

The 10 Best Decisions the Pretty Little Liars Have Ever Made

Between Hanna slapping Jenna, Aria dating her teacher, and Spencer stealing Melissa’s essay, it's safe to say the little liars have made mistakes this season. However, the girls have had plenty of wise decisions too, which is why lots of their secrets have remained safe. We’re not saying we approve of all their actions (they've certainly broken the law before), but we’ll admit they’ve also made some pretty smart choices. Let's just hope they make more good ones than bad going forward.

10. Aria confronted Ezra about his website page instead of stalking Jackie's profile
It was totally accidental that Aria caught a glimpse of Ezra's Facebook website page and saw pics of him with a girl wearing an engagement ring, but it was not accidental when Hanna convinced her to create a fake profile and "friend" the girl in the pics. But Aria didn't go through with it. She knew that she had to go to the source instead of sneaking around and playing detective. When she confronted Ezra, he explained what was up and while the story didn't comfort Aria (to say the least), she still got the truth from Ezra and not from the Internet, which was smart, mature, and the right decision overall.

9. Hanna refused to skip school
Mona begged Hanna to skip school on her birthday and although Mona can be quite persuasive, Hanna stood her ground. She knew she shouldn’t do it and her mom would disapprove. The FBI agent conveniently called the girls into the principal's office when Hanna was supposed to ditch, and if she hadn't been there, more questions would have been asked.

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8. Emily stood up to her bully
It’s weird to think that just a few weeks ago, Paige threatened Emily and even tried to drown her. Paige was a huge bully, but Emily remained strong and didn’t let Paige bring her down. If Emily had let Paige torture her, she would have had another bully in town (other than "A") and we doubt Paige would have ever confided in her.

7. Hanna put family first
Although Hanna did some terrible things for money (like hurting poor Lucas), she always had good intentions. She did what was necessary to prevent her mom from going to jail by making back the money that her mom stole. We don't approve of what she did to get the money, but she was there for her mom during a rough time, which is commendable.

6. Aria forgave Hanna for backstabbing her
It was wrong of Hanna to give Ella the museum ticket and to almost ruin Ezria’s relationship, but it was wise of Aria to forgive her. "A'"s goal is to tear the little liars apart, so if Aria ignored Hanna forever, she would be giving "A" exactly what he or she wants.

5. Spencer broke things off with Wren
As much as we hated to see Wren go, it was smart of Spencer to end things. Their relationship never would have worked out and if Spencer had tried to keep it going, her family would have disowned her. Besides, if Spencer hadn’t called it quits with Wren, she never would have been with other hot guys like Alex and Toby.

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4. Hanna befriended Lucas
Although Lucas is a loner and Hanna’s the queen bee, we’re pleased they became close pals. Sure, he’s been MIA for a while and they aren't exactly on speaking terms, but we’re not giving up on him just yet. Lucas is a good guy, he makes Hanna laugh, and he helped sell her purses online. Hanna would be lucky to have a loyal guy like him (especially after Caleb betrayed her), and we're glad she's gotten to know him.

3. Emily stood up to her uber-conservative mom
Lying about her sexuality was hard enough, but when Emily finally came out of the closet, she had to deal with her difficult mom. Poor Emily was ridiculed, but we’re proud of her for believing in herself and because of that, her mom ultimately came around.

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2. Spencer trusts Toby
Although Spencer used to be suspicious of Toby, it was smart of her to give him a second chance. She soon discovered he’s sweet, he’s been through similar struggles, and he makes her happy. We're glad Spencer and Toby have become close, but apparently Mrs. Hastings isn't supportive of them.

1. The little liars joined forces
From the moment they first got messages from “A,” the girls knew they needed to stick together. They lost touch after Alison’s death and were in completely different social groups, but reuniting was the smartest decision they've ever made. They can count on each other and by working together, they’ll get much closer to figuring out who “A” is, as well as who killed Ali.