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The Bachelor

Wetpaint Exclusive! Tenley Molzahn Says “Yes” to Emily’s Finale Outfits

Brad will chase Emily forever and fight for what they have — and I will do the same for her wardrobe. This whole season of The Bachelor, I have been dedicated to Emily’s fashion, picking out the clothes I would want to add to my closet and sharing them with all of you. Week after week, Miss Emily has never failed to impress me, and it was business as usual in the amazing finale.

From the very first episode, I knew Emily had treasures packed away in her big suitcases for her incredible journey. Lucky for us, we got to watch her unpack all of her fabulous fashions! Emily dressed perfectly for every occasion, and her choices were always budget friendly — with maybe a splurge or two to add a special twist to her look!

How do you dress when you meet the family? When I was in that position I remember going through all my choices with my producer who travelled with me to St. Lucia. We found a sweet sundress in a bright and friendly color, in hopes that what I was wearing would reflect my personality and help Jake’s family feel comfortable getting to know me. Emily chose this route too, wearing the perfect blue-beaded halter maxi dress, which the fabulous Possessionista has ID’d for us as another Forever 21 find! The one big bummer about all of Emily’s amazing Forever 21 looks is they’re usually not available anymore. But I can always hope they’ll repeat the look now that dress season is upon us!

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My favorite look for Emily as she finished her time in South Africa was what she wore on her “last chance” date with Brad — a blue Urban Outfitters shirt-dress cinched with a belt and paired with super cute boots! She looked sweet and feisty. Good combination, right? I don’t think it hurts her one bit!


But we can’t forget about stunning Chantal. She hasn’t necessarily had my favorite fashion finds, but she is a confident, naturally beautiful woman who definitely captured America’s attention. She also caught Brad’s, but not exactly how I had expected. (Darn editing!) Wearing a gorgeous black/green David Meister one-shoulder feather dress (ID’d by the one-and-only Possessionista), Chantal went out with a bang. This dress fit her perfectly, flattering her body and complementing her beautiful face, especially her stunning eyes. Chantal’s best feature has been her confidence, which she continued to maintain as she said goodbye to Brad — heartbroken and all. It’s not an easy thing saying goodbye like that.

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So how do the women pick out their final rose ceremony gown? Well, we don’t pack our own! This is the one thing that the show’s stylist, Cary Fetman, does help us with. I can only share what I know from my experience, but I assume it was the same for Emily and Chantal: I was taken to Cary’s place, where he had lots of dresses for me to try on and choose from. I felt like Pretty Woman playing dress up in all of the gowns! Cary named his favorites, but I got to make the final decision. Then Cary continued to dress me up as if I were Barbie, adding fabulous accessories. I can’t imagine how much fun he must have had playing with a real-life Barbie doll like Emily! A fun little fact: Cary gave Emily the same stunning earrings I wore during my finale.

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Brad proposed to Emily — and not because of her fashion; the guy is just completely smitten, along with the rest of America! Thankfully we had one last chance to see her on the “After the Final Rose,” for which she wore an incredibly beautiful white with black trim Balenciaga dress and sported a slightly darker-colored hair do. Unfortunately Brad and Emily are a bit on the rocks, but that’s just reality, and I’m glad they shared that with us. I can’t imagine being the last girl standing watching the man you’re in love with spend every Monday night with other women. But some old favorite faces who have been through the same storm came to the rescue: Ali & Roberto, Jason & Molly, and Trista & Ryan. Out of the three women, the gorgeous Molly Mesnick won me over in the perfect blue BCBG one-shoulder bandage dress — absolutely beautiful.

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Unfortunately, this season of The Bachelor has come and gone — along with all of the bachelorettes’ cute clothes. On the bright side, Bachelorette Ashley Hebert’s journey is only a few weeks away: We can keep tabs on her fashion finds!

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One big thank you to Possessionista for always having my favorite picks ID’d so that I could share! Thank you all for journeying with me. Until next time…

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