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Gossip Girl

Wetpaint Exclusive! Kelly Rutherford Has a Crush on Matthew Settle

As if starring on a hit show like Gossip Girl and being a mother of two isn’t enough, Kelly Rutherford (Lily) has also launched her own line of handbags for QVC. Kelly was celebrating the line with her two children and an army of eager fans at Eleni’s in Chelsea Market when we braved the cocktails and cookies to discuss GG, motherhood, and accessories with the busy actress.

Wetpaint: How does your personal parenting style differ from Lily’s?

Kelly Rutherford: Well my kids are so much younger, so I have to be very spontaneous. My kids are just at a different phase. I don’t know if my parenting style is that much different other than the phases of life. Obviously, Lily has kids that are much older than mine so her focus is making sure they’re going to college and that they’re okay. With me, it’s just constant, all day. [Laughs] You know, running around.

How would you handle having a daughter like Serena (Blake Lively)?

I think she’s a pretty fabulous daughter. It’s got to be challenging, but I think I would love to have a daughter like Serena. I think that it’s great to have children that are focused and well-rounded. Growing up on the Upper West Side exclusively has its challenges, like any place where there’s a lot of wealth — a scene. I hope my daughter grows up and makes smart decisions, that she doesn’t need necessarily to experiment. There are a lot of examples being set on our show, that there are repercussions for what we do. I think they do a really good job of showing that.

Can you tease anything about the rest of Season 4 — anything to tide us over until Gossip Girl returns on April 18?

What’s so funny is that they’ve started X’ing out part of the scripts, so we don’t even know a lot of the things that are going on. The last script of the season almost every scene that we got, we got literally on the day we were filming it. I don’t even know what happens in the last episode other than what I did in my scene. There’s a lot to find out — they’ve gotten really hunkered down.

Will Lily and Rufus (Matthew Settle) last?

I hope so. I hope they’ll endure because I think they’re a wonderful couple and they’ve been through a lot.

Do you have a crush on Matthew Settle?


Requisite lightning round:
Leighton Meester (Blair): Beautiful.
Blake Lively: Sexy.
Penn Badgley (Dan): Handsome.
Matthew Settle: Oh, wonderful!
Connor Paolo (Eric): Charming.
Chace Crawford (Nate): Athletic.
Ed Westwick (Chuck): Debonair.
Taylor Momsen (Jenny): Chic.
Jessica Szohr (Vanessa): I want to say beautiful again — and very sweet.
Tika Sumpter (Raina): Classic.

What was your inspiration for your QVC handbag line?

I love accessories. You know, our clothes come and go, they go in and out of fashion — or your jeans are tight one week and baggy the next. I wanted to make handbags that were timeless and classic, that didn’t go in and out of fashion so quickly. They’re affordable and luxurious and the design came from what I was looking for on the market. I was looking for a clutch that I could wear during the daytime, on the red carpet or to a cocktail party, and that I could fit things in. The same thing with the satchel. I have kids, I’m running around, so I did it sort of cross-body. If I’m not running around with the kids I can just put it over my arm. And there are all the different pockets on the outside for your BlackBerry or your iPhone, so it’s so easy. Most purses, you throw it in and then you have to dig for your phone. I tried to think of our modern day women and what we deal with.

What’s your favorite part about being part of the Gossip Girl gang?

Just that we all get along really well and it’s a beautiful place to go to work. I’m really inspired by the young actors that I work with. I think they’re all hugely talented and very grounded. I’m just inspired by their focus. It’s great to work with young people. There’s a lot of positive energy coming from them. I feel very blessed to be playing the mom on a show where I very genuinely feel that way about the actors I’m working with.

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