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America's Next Top Model

Did the Judges Get It Right in Sending Sara Home on ANTM?

Poor Sara Longoria just couldn’t light herself on fire on ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 4. Was this a metaphor? Maybe? Sara’s running narrative last night was about changing things up from last week. Trouble was, she had pretty much the same week all over again. Still bummed over her short hair and still feeling like an outsider, she was partnered with Mikaela again for a shoot and couldn’t exude enough sexiness over Fierce Roast Coffee.

The other element thrown into the mix was Sara’s feminist stand against the retro-sexy-secretary commercial. “My whole life I’ve just been trying to get away from the stereotypical quiet, subservient, docile woman,” she said. Hmm, yeah, this wasn’t the shoot for you then. Sara really looked great on camera, but never believed what she was selling. She even resorted to licking her teeth at one point when the pressure to be sexy became oh so great. Now, had this been a commercial for quirky coffee, Sara would’ve been golden.

Or maybe not? “Confidence wins, Alexandria,” Tyra said, as she handed over the final glossy screen grab. During her farewell speech, Sara backed off of her previous cries of feminism and said that she should’ve just committed to the premise of the shoot. That lack of confidence, even her own initial feelings, is probably what sent her home. And her departure made Tyra fake mad! Fake mad Tyra is still a mad Tyra.

Check out what Sara told us about socks being stuffed painfully into her bra at the shoot!

03.18.2011 / 01:41 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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