What’s the Deal With Sammi’s Naked Pic?
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Jersey Shore

What’s the Deal With Sammi’s Naked Pic?

To borrow words from The Situation, it looks like the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet isn't so sweet after all. A website has leaked a very classy naked photo that's allegedly of our own Samantha Sweetheart. And by "very classy," we mean extremely graphic, raunchy, and frankly, a little too much for us to handle. Here's the thing: if you can avert your eyes from the very distracting main event, it doesn't quite look so much like her in the face — at least not recently.

Now, of course, all the Jersey Shore girls have undergone a pretty significant transformation since the series began. Everyone has classed up just a touch with extensions, and properly applied makeup, and outfits upgraded from cheap and trashy to normal person slutty. So, while it doesn't look quite like the Sammi we've come to know and love, we would buy that it's just an old picture of her.

Big surprise — Sammi's denying that the girl in the photo is her. She tweeted in response, "Lol i love have people decide to warp FAKE photos of me naked? Hello try and get the skin color to match next time."

If you want to check out the (once again) EXTREMELY GRAPHIC and NSFW pic (in fact, we're going to go ahead and straight up call it "dangerous for work...or play...or life"), you can find it here. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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03.18.2011 / 02:28 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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