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Bones Creator Hart Hanson Answers Fan Questions, Spills Brennan’s Middle Name

Normally Bones creator Hart Hanson is a busy guy. Someone has to come up with ways to keep Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) apart, right? But last night he took time out of his crazy schedule to host a Global TV live chat with fans during the “The Blackout in the Blizzard.” He dished on everything from the spin-off to Brennan’s middle name. You’ll never guess what it is!

The Show
Any word on whether Bones will be picked up for Season 7 yet?

Hart Hanson:
We expect our pickup any time… it’s all about business, not creative stuff.

Have you started writing the season finale?

I have an outline for the season finale but I haven’t started the script. I promise to deliver a good season finale. The original plan was to have a two-hour finale this season but that was scrapped when we agreed to do 23 episodes instead of 22.

Will we see an undercover episode any time soon?

The season finale will be an undercover episode.

How did you get the idea to create Bones?

Big-shot movie producer Barry Josephson came to me with a documentary about Kathy Reichs and asked if there was a series in it. I thought there might be… and here we are.

Do you think there will ever be a Bones movie?

I don’t think a Bones movie will happen until the Bones series is done and gone.

How did you ever find out about these experiments, i.e. cellophane tape?

All of this stuff can be done by the way. [Producer] Karine Rosenthal dug up all sorts of fascinatingly analogue ways of doing things. We have researchers but the writers do tons of their own research. That way you find all sorts of fascinating things on the way.

The Spin-off
What was the highlight of filming in Florida with Emily (Brennan) and DavidBooth) for the spin-off series, The Finder?

I think the highlight of Florida was David and Emily realizing that the Everglades have actual, real alligators in them... and that's where they had to stand. There was a huge alligator named "Peaches" that Floridians kept saying was very friendly. They looked like logs with eyeballs to me, so I kept forgetting to be scared. I think that’s how they get food.

How is the spin-off series coming?

The spin off is being edited right now. Then the director gets a cut… then I get a cut… then the studio and the network weigh in.

The Cast
How did it happen that John Francis Daley (Sweets) got to write a script?

JFD is a big shot screen writer with his partner Jonathan Goldstein. So I offered them a script. JFD is annoyingly accomplished.

Does Emily have an interest in directing an episode?

Emily will direct an episode. I convinced her to forgo it this season because of the scheduling the Finder caused — which yanked her from THREE episodes.

Which character do you find you are most like?

TJ [Thyne] thinks I’m most like Hodgins and Emily [Deschanel] thinks I’m most like Brennan. I dunno. I suppose I’m most like Cam [Tamara Taylor]!

If Cyndi Lauper makes an appearance next season will she still be delivering the important information that was mentioned at one time?

No, the information that Cyndi’s character would have delivered had to be given another way. But we’re dying to have her back. Right now she’s in Japan, cheering people up. Amazing woman!

Will we be seeing more of Parker this season?

We may see more of Parker again this season. It depends how the last two episodes come together. Who doesn’t love Ty?

Will we ever know Brennan’s middle name?

THAT is a question I’ve never been asked before. I have to say I don’t know. You caught me unawares. Brennan’s middle name! Shall we just say that it’s Beulah?

Any plans to introduce new squints?

Yes. I have three ideas for new squints. It’s inevitable that we lose these people. They deserve full time gigs on others shows. We’re lucky to get them as often as we do.

Any ideas for ways Booth and Brennan could get together?

Oh yes, I know how they would get together. Let me say this: the way it would happen when it happened is something that has never been suggested to me… so far.

Now we’re even more excited!

Source: Global TV

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