Bones Recap: Experiments Gone Wrong — and a Conversation Gone Oh-So Right in “The Blackout in the Blizzard”
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Bones Recap: Experiments Gone Wrong — and a Conversation Gone Oh-So Right in “The Blackout in the Blizzard”

For today’s recap we’re going to try a little experiment: We’re going to take a potato, dye it blue, and have Avatar Potato Head do the writing for us. No? Well, it was worth a shot. Just like the off-the-wall experiments in last night’s episode. How much fun were they? And such a nice departure from the heavy Hannah episodes and the serious sniper arc.

The next episode also looks like it’s going to be a good one, but more in a gross and icky kind of way. Unfortunately we have to wait another three weeks for that. April 14 seems about as far away as $3 a gallon for gas. Sigh.

Guess we’ll just while away the time thinking about the smoldering looks and thoughtful words Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) exchange toward the end of “The Blackout in the Blizzard.” And we have what Brennan calls those “stupid” chairs to thank for their newfound closeness.

When the sports fanatic in Booth sees a row of seats from Veteran Stadium getting put to the snowy curb alongside yesterday’s papers, he goes a little crazy. (“Fly, Eagles, fly!”) However, not as crazy as Brennan when she finds herself stuck in an antique elevator with Booth — and the unwieldy chairs — after she and Sweets (John Francis Daley) agree to help Booth move them into his apartment. Lucky for Sweets, he can’t fit in with them and the seats — so he’s outside the elevator when the power goes out and the lift grinds to a halt.

Things aren’t so looking so hot at the Jeffersonian either, thanks to the citywide snowstorm. With no electricity and a diseased body that passed its deadly contagion to its killer, the only way things can get worse is if Angela (Michaela Conlin) receives bad news at her doctor’s appointment. And she does. Poor Angela and Hodgins (TJ Thyne) learn they are both carriers for a condition that gives their baby a 25 percent chance of being blind. Hodgins tries to stay strong for Angela’s sake but ends up breaking down in an emotional scene that rivals Booth and Hannah’s breakup.

In the meantime, Hodgins and Wendell tap into their MacGyver sides while examining the body. As a former science fair winner (who doesn’t mean to brag), Wendell is an expert at dreaming up low-tech means of conducting experiments. Dr. Brennan also offers some handy-dandy advice over the phone: Who else but Bones would know that you could use masking tape in lieu of an X-ray machine?

Bones Recap: Experiments Gone Wrong — and a Conversation Gone Oh-So Right in “The Blackout in the Blizzard”
Credit: via Bones Picture Arcive/    

And who else but Sweets would use B&B being stuck in an elevator as the perfect time for shrink therapy? Booth wants no part of it, and Brennan agrees.

Back at the lab it’s as if Cirque du Soleil has collided with Blue Man Group. Wendell tries to get more information on the victim by using a vat of blue liquid to dye the bones, and Hodgins rigs himself to the ceiling to try to create electricity. It’s a fail: Hodgins falls from his perch and swings directly into Wendell’s science project, knocking the blue dye all over the poor squint. Cam (Tamara Taylor), who is absent for most of the episode (probably because she was busy making her hair super-cute), does not find this amusing. The killer is still on the loose — assuming the deadly virus hasn’t already done him in.

Angela works on the cell phone they find in the victim’s pocket, while Booth does his damnedest to avoid having a heart-to-heart with Brennan. He opens up enough to let her in on his obsession with the stadium chairs and how they are a reminder of the one good memory he has with his dad. Brennan wonders aloud if maybe they should start making memories together, and she offers to talk about “them.” But in true Brennan fashion, the conversation quickly turns weird when she begins saying things like, “It’d be odd if we didn’t have sex” and “Making love would be quite satisfying.” Sweets chooses that exact moment to come in with news that the victim was Anne-Marie, an American aid worker who was strangled to death for trying to end human trafficking.

The news motivates Brennan to find a way out of the elevator, but she knows Booth won’t like her idea. The two of them break the seats apart, head up and out the escape hatch, and then race over to the address associated with the number Angela finds in the victim’s phone. At the building, they discover a group of sad young girls staring at them from the basement window. Before they can help them, a big guy with a bigger accent — and some nasty-looking sores — confronts them and tells them to go away. Seeing that he is sick, Brennan ascertains that he must be the one who killed Anne-Marie. When he makes a move towards Booth, Brennan hits him over the head with a nearby piece of wood — and the guy collapses directly onto Booth. They’re a great team, but it’s probably not good that Booth is pinned under a dying man. Just saying...

Reminds us of our other favorite duo — Hodgins and Angela — who end the episode with the upbeat attitude that they can handle anything, as long as they do it together.

B&B come around as well. Celebrating a job well done with Brennan in his apartment later, the Special Agent of Sexiness broaches the subject of them as a couple. He explains that he needs time to overcome his anger over his breakup with Hannah before he’s ready to “get back out there.”

Brennan says, “You know difference between the strength and imperviousness, right? A substance that is impervious to damage doesn’t need to be strong. When you and I met, I was an impervious substance. Now I am a strong substance. A time could come when you aren’t angry anymore, and I’m strong enough to risk losing the last of my imperviousness. Maybe then we could try to be together.” Booth suggests they do something he used to do as a boy when he “wanted something really, really bad”: They each write dates on scraps of paper when they think they’ll be ready to explore a relationship — and then they burn them.

Our fingers are crossed that they both wrote “April 7, 2011,” because that’s when Bones returns with the all-new “The Feet on the Beach.” Do NOT eat before watching the following preview:

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