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Pretty Little Liars

Exclusive! Ian Harding Spills About His Favorite Little Liars

Since we heard that Aria and Ezra will no longer have to hide their love in Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars, everything will be just fine for Ezria! Not so fast. In an exclusive Wetpaint interview, Ian Harding, who plays Ezra Fitz on the ABC Family hit, tells us about hanging out with his fellow little liars, his tweeting habits, and the biggest mystery he's solving in his own life.

Wetpaint: Some people are uncomfortable with the Ezria relationship because of the age difference and the fact that he's her teacher. At any point did YOU feel uncomfortable with the role?

Ian Harding: Not really, no. Because I knew that if you’re going to be at ABC Family you’re not going to be creating something gratuitous or anything like that. I also knew it would be handled in a way that’s not pervy. It’s a love-based relationship. It’s about people you believe are soul mates. That’s how we’re playing it right now. So I wasn’t really ever uncomfortable with it. I knew it was taboo but I figured that was okay.

Would you ever/have you ever snooped on someone's Facebook page like Aria did with Ezra?

[Laughs] That was a very specific circumstance. It just kind of came up. I don’t think I ever would because if I saw some weird, questionable picture I would probably be really pleasant and go to the person and say, “Hey, listen, I came across your Facebook page and this was weird, and I didn’t know this, and we need to talk about this.” As opposed to me going around trying to figure out, “Oh my God, who’s this person?”

Do you ever hang out with the other little liars?

Keegan [Allen] (Toby Cavanaugh) and I have become really good friends. We’ll go to various events together, or sometimes we’ll go to dinner. We both have a deep passion for food and L.A. has some pretty good restaurants. I think most of us are actually pretty low key in what we do out of set. Actually, when I get back to L.A., Shay [Mitchell] (Emily Fields) and I are supposed to go and grab a beer and discuss her travels. So we do see each other whenever we can, when we’re not uber-busy.

What's the biggest mystery you ever had to solve?

Many. I think sometimes that figuring yourself out is the biggest mystery — why you do things. Like in high school you act out in a certain way and you’ve got to go, “Oh my God, why did I do that?” I think sometimes “me” can be the biggest mystery that I have in my life.

How has your life changed since you landed PLL?

People have started coming up to me in various places. I was just in New York this past weekend and I got recognized several times. But, honestly, not that much. I’m able to pay off some college debt, and I’m kind of just working — so that’s a big change. But my friends and family have not really changed because they know that it’s an amazing job and an amazing opportunity, but it’s still a job. I haven’t suddenly become a deity or anything like that.

Does it annoy you when people call you Mr. Fitz?

No, it’s not really that annoying. I know that I’m not Mr. Fitz as a real person. I think it’s kind of cute right now. It might not always be that, but right now it doesn’t bother me, no.

How has your life changed since you recently joined Twitter? Are you obsessed yet?

[Laughs] No, my life hasn’t really changed since Twitter. My whole thing about it was that I didn’t really want to — and I’ve done this, actually, since getting Twitter — but all of the personal self-promotion. You know, about like, “Whoa! I love cheese cake! It’s so great!” Tweets like that. Who cares? But then I realized it’s a fantastic way of promoting causes I really want to get behind and make a statement of what I believe in. I follow news and HRC [HumanRightsCampain] and various green initiatives and all that stuff. You’re able to get information and articles very quickly. In that sense I’m obsessed with the speediness of the information flow.

Is there anyone you follow just for laughs?

Conan O’Brien and Tom Hanks I follow because they’re hilarious. I mean, Conan O’Brien’s tweets are borderline brilliant, so I’ll check it out and see if I can get a nice little chuckle out of whatever Mr. O’Brien is saying. And Tom Hanks is a childhood hero of mine so that’s always surreal seeing him talk about, “Oh, I burned a pie in the kitchen!” And I’m like, “Oh, Tom.”

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