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The Vampire Diaries

Matt Davis Tweets About “Big Changes” in Mystic Falls: Is Alaric Doomed?

It’s no lie this The Vampire Diaries hiatus is killing us, but we gotta hand it to the cast for trying their very best to keep us in the loop. Take for example Matt Davis’ (Alaric) recent slew of tweets (however cryptic) that tell us something “big” is happening in Mystic Falls as we speak. We hate to speculate (oh who are we kidding — we love it!), but the following clues from the Twitterverse lead us to think it may be time to say goodbye to Alaric. Not that we want to or anything (willingly say goodbye to those chisled cheekbones? We don’t think so!), but Matt’s 180-character ramblings do seem a bit gloomy, don’t you think?

@ernestoriley Good morning dear friends. I wish I could share with you all the goings on in the world of Mystic Falls, but that would ruin the surprise...

@ernestoriley Needless to say, as we reach the end of season 2, much is happening. we're all crazy busy over here working to make this 1 hell of a ending

@ernestoriley Get ready for big changes and many surprises...

@ernestoriley So, if I have seemed distant lately, it's because of the creative & emotional demands we as an ensemble are going through together..

@ernestoriley I wish to thank you all for your love and support. Without it, the friendships I've made here wouldnt be possible. I'm forever in your debt

So, you tell us: Do you think Alaric is doomed, or do you think we’re leading to conclusions? Tell us in the comments!

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03.19.2011 / 04:41 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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