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Top 10 Funniest Quotes From Bones Season 6, Episode 16: “The Blackout in the Blizzard”

The lights might have been out in last night’s “The Blackout in the Blizzard,” but the episode was anything but dark. Read on for the 10 funniest quotes from Bones Season 6, Episode 16.

10. Somebody is cranky!
Sweets: If I can interrupt.
Booth: Are you going to take my side?
Sweets: I’m not taking sides.
Booth: Then, no.

9. A pickle and ice cream sandwich, perhaps?
Angela: Mmm, what is that smell?
Wendell: Oh, I can’t use the exhaust system without electricity so I thought it’d be better to clean the bones out here where there’s more air flow.
Angela: Oh my god, you’re boiling body parts?
Wendell: This is how it’s done. You know that.
Angela: No, no, I mean I was getting kind of hungry and I thought that you were…
Wendell: You’re pregnant, the smell of boiling flesh makes you want a sandwich.

8. Should we discuss it even more?
Booth: We can break these apart.
Brennan: Yes, but I know how important they are.
Booth: Let’s do it. On three.
Brennan: Really? Are you sure? Your back.
Booth: We go on three.
Brennan: Wait, wait. On three? Or one, two, three, and then go — which is more common.
Booth: I don’t know. It’s up to you.
Brennan: Well on three would be quicker.
Booth: Not anymore.

7. Ya think?
Wendell: Are you sure that’s safe?
Hodgins: Yes, dude. I made my own safety harness.
Wendell: Oh man, he’s lost his mind.

6. Guy talk
Brennan (to Sweets): Booth needs to say something to you.
Sweets: No, he doesn’t.
Booth: Yeah, right about earlier. Look, I’m sorry.
Sweets: It’s okay.
Booth: Thanks.
Brennan: What? What’s okay? Booth didn’t say anything.
Booth: We’re guys.
Sweets: Everything’s fine now, Dr. Brennan.

5. You’re the one who should be worried...
Hodgins: I’m sorry.
Wendell: Don’t worry, he’ll clean it up.
Cam: What if you had gotten hurt? In this blizzard?
Hodgins: Wait a minute, you’re mad because you’re worried about our safety? Wow, thank you.
Wendell: That was the last of our dye.
Cam: Okay, now I kind of wish you had gotten hurt.

4. Can we get some of those?
Booth: Where is Sweets with those painkillers?
Brennan: Maybe Mrs. Ross didn’t have any.
Booth: She’s been singing in the hallways for a week after her dental surgery. Trust me, she has painkillers.

3. You say potato, Hodgins says “Spud-sational”
Wendell: I’m connecting groups of potatoes in series to increase voltage. Then we can connect these potatoes together in parallel to increase amperage.
Hodgins: Spud-sational. Totally spud-tacular. Angela, can I help?
Angela: If you stop making spud jokes.
Hodgins: Sorry, my sincerest potato-ologies.

2. Advice for the good doctor
Booth: Sweets, just stop shrinking around the bush, okay.

1. Stating the obvious
Sweets (seeing Booth with his face pressed up against Brennan’s hips): Is this a bad…
Booth: Hello, she wants to sit on my shoulders.
Sweets: Traditionally people do that the other way around.

03.19.2011 / 02:25 AM EDT by Lisa Costantini
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