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The Kardashians

What Is DASH New York Really Like?

On this Sunday's Kourtney & Kim Take New York, the girls officially open DASH New York on Spring Street in SoHo. The store's been open for five months, but Kardashian fans still visit in record numbers, lining up outside behind a police-style barricade until they are beckoned in a handful at a time by store security.

“I love Kim. Oh my God. I, like, have a girl-crush on her,” one fan outside gushed to the New York Post. “She’s my role model. She’s so pretty and has so much confidence. If I met her, I would probably pass out. I watch the show all the time, so I had to come to the store and see what it looked like. It’s beautiful in there.”

But what's in like inside?

Fans told the New York Post they were disappointed because they were really visiting to catch a glimpse of the girls, not to buy the stuff. (Which is a bit like expecting to see President Obama when you visit Washington.)

“I thought I might get a glimpse of them,” says Lisa Maurer, 33, a nurse from Tampa, Fla. “But I was disappointed by the clothes. A T-shirt for $60?”

And that's one of the cheaper items. Other pricier things include black lace spandex leggings for $122, and a sequined tank top for $140. (The cheapest thing you can buy is a souvenir bottle of water for $10.)

I’ll be back as soon as I have $500 to spend,” one fan says. “The girls appeal to the masses, but their prices do not.”

Yet another fan says the experience wasn’t quite what she hoped. “I thought it would be glitzier,” she says. “And it was much smaller than I imagined.”, an online city guide, yields similarly disappointed reviews. Sophia C. of San Francisco, CA, writes, “Clothes racks cobbled together from mismatched plumbing... disappointing and not particularly clean. The whole thing reminded me of a dry cleaner in Chinatown holding an unclaimed garment sale.” Melissa R. of Las Vegas, NV, adds that DASH’s customer service left much to be desired. She says, “... the staff wasn't that friendly, and it was nice but awkward to see men "bouncers" by the fitting rooms.” Creepy!

Still, others are happy just to darken the door of a place they knew the Kardashian sisters have been too.

"I’m the biggest fan in the world,” one fan told the Post, showing off a ring she bought for $180. “It’s probably not real gold, and it’s all scratched... but I kept thinking, maybe one of the sisters tried it on.”

The only celeb to darken DASH's door lately is Ryan Seacrest, who drops in to see how things look.

When asked about the store’s popularity, he shrugs and smiles. “That,” he says, “is the power of television.”

Source: The New York Post

03.19.2011 / 01:36 AM EDT by Caitlin O'Toole
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